Anther By Glasshouse is a new CHJIMES café hidden in a furniture building

by Natalie Lim

Most of us would have heard of The Glassdoor at CHJIMES. Afterall, its minimalistic décor and glasshouse-like setting is picturesque, and looks like it’s plucked out of a fairy tale book.

But mention Anther By Glasshouse, and you’ll get a few puzzled looks. The folks at CHJIMES has came up with a new concept café, with the word ‘Anther’ signifying the beginning of something new.

Anther By Glasshouse by CHJIMES

Anther by Glasshouse CHJIMES 1
Photo: instagram/@iris.nihao

The café is queerly situated on level 2 of Tan Boon Liat building, an old shopping centre dedicated to furniture stores. It’s a contrasting location for the store to be at, considering that The Glassdoor is right smacked at the heart of CBD.

Anther by Glasshouse CHJIMES 2
Photo: instagram/@eatwithfelz

The interior is decked with marbled tables and plush leather cushions, with full glass paneled windows offering a view of the outside.

The entrance of the café may not be as grand as its siblings’, but one step in will send a nostalgia wave of being on a cruise ship. Since the café is made in collaboration with Angie’s Oyster, patrons may order seafood mains from Angie’s, or savour pastries with a cuppa joe from Anther’s.  

Anther by Glasshouse CHJIMES 3
Photo: instagram/@iris.nihao

There’s also an alfresco dining area if you’ll prefer the outside. The rattan chairs and palm trees add a nice touch for resort vibes, and there are even bind curtains just in case it gets too sunny.

Photo: instagram/@iris.nihao

The balcony overlooks other industrial buildings in the area. It’s as if this café was deliberately secluded from the world, only to be chanced upon by furniture shoppers around the area.

Photo: instagram/@burntbreado

Despite the lack of mains, the café does serve an assortment of pastries such as Cinnamon Roll ($6), Ham n Cheese Croissant ($8) and Pain Au Chocolat ($6). Some coffee selections also include Cold Brew ($6) and Matcha Latte ($7).

Since its dining area is arguably larger than The Glassdoor’s, Anther By Glasshouse seems like a good tea break hideout to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Anther By Glasshouse
Facebook | Instagram
📍 313 Outram Road Tan Boon Liat Building, #02-01, Singapore 169073
🗓️ 9am–6pm (Mon-Sun)

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