The limited edition Baileys Apple Pie Cream Liqueur has finally made its way to Singapore’s shelves


Baileys is one of those liqueurs that is just so good that you can have it with almost anything. From dousing it over ice-cream to adding it into your coffee to give it that extra oomph, you name it. It’s also good on its own over ice with its creamy and sweet goodness, and I definitely have to mention Baileys in the form of those delectable little chocolates too.

apple pie baileys cream liquer
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Now after two years since it’s first release, Baileys has finally brought its limited edition Apple Pie Cream flavour into our supermarkets here in Singapore!

Infused with the classic Irish dairy cream, tart apple pie flavours, notes of good ol’ vanilla ice-cream and hints of cinnamon, the Baileys Apple Pie Cream Liqueur is the epitome of fall. Just because we don’t have the four seasons here in Siingapore, doesn’t mean we should miss out on the wholesome autumn vibes (it is only May, but I digress). 

apple pie baileys milkshake
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If you’re into apple crumble ale, Starbucks’ seasonal fall drinks like Pumpkin Spiced Latte or even just straight up apple pie from McDonald’s, you’ll probably really like the Baileys Apple Pie Cream flavour for its warm and cosy notes. Maybe you’ll even like it enough to drink it on its own over ice which has been said to taste like a nice alcoholic milkshake. 

irish coffee baileys
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Just like the original Baileys, it’ll also probably go well with many other things. I for one would really like to add it into my coffee to make a mean apple pie Irish coffee. Needless to say, pouring it over ice-cream will be a hit as well. Name me something that goes better with apple pie than ice-cream, I’ll wait. 

apple pie baileys bakes
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One of the more interesting ways I’ve seen it being used is by whipping it into frosting or cream to up the ante for your bakes. The possibilities with the Baileys Apple Pie Cream liquer are endless. 

Though it has been spotted on the shelves in Singapore, the product is still rather elusive so your safest bets are probably NTUC Finest or CS Fresh Gold.

 If you don’t feel like hunting for it, you can also get it online from wine markets like Paneco at S$52.95. Pretty sweet deal for 700ml I would say, especially with the myriad of ways to use/drink it. 

apple pie baileys gathering
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And there you have it, give the new flavour a lash and impress your friends at your next get-together. 

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