New chopstick invention by Japanese company B’full lets you snack & game without dirtying your fingers

by Natalie Lim

Behold the new Gaming Chopsticks Holder by B’full — whether you’re a PC, mobile, or console player, it has got you covered.

I’d like to be cool by saying that gamers endure long hours of gaming marathons with just energy drinks, but that’s hardly the fact as no matter how zombie-like we may seem, we actually need food to survive. But with food and snacks come greasy fingers and crumbs, eventually leading to the demise of our game controllers, mouse, or phone. 

Fret not, because 2021 has proved that anything can happen and this life-saving invention by Japanese company B’full simply adds to the list.

B’full’s Gaming Chopsticks Holder

B'full chopsticks
Photo: B’full

Japan has been a hotbed for some of the weirdest and wackiest ideas, but this set of Gaming Chopsticks Holder from B’full takes it to a whole new level.

The Gaming Chopsticks Holder allows a player to simultaneously hold a controller, mouse, or any other gaming device while holding a pair of chopsticks that are angled in reverse.

B'full chopsticks
Photo: B’full

Of course, you wouldn’t be holding the chopsticks like you normally would. Instead, simply press your index and middle finger together and you’ll be able to grab your food. 

While we wouldn’t recommend using this on hot items such as instant noodles, this is a game-changer for eating snacks such as potato chips — even if you’re simply watching TV on a couch.

Photo: B’full

If you’d like to set your chopsticks down, B’full’s Gaming Chopsticks Holder also serves as a stand that prevents the tips of your utensils from touching any surface.

This quirky and useful device can be bought on B’full’s official website or Amazon for ¥1,210 JPY (~S$14.80), but we’ve found a cheaper and better alternative for you.

B'full chopsticks
Photo: Shopee

Priced at S$4.90, the Singapore version of B’full’s Gaming Chopsticks Holder is “Kiapper”, a similar device but with built-in chopsticks. 

Photo: Shopee

To all the gamers and couch potatoes out there, you’re welcome. 

Get your Kiapper here.

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