This traditional Korean rice cake shop sells authentic sweet treats that you’ve probably never tasted in Singapore before


Rice cakes are the very heart of traditional Asian desserts. There’s Japanese mochi, Filipino puto, the traditional kueh that we have in Singapore and one of my personal favourites — Korean tteok

bosong rice cake korean
Photo: Bosong Rice Cake House

While the savoury and spicy Korean rice cakes (tteokbokki) are a norm in Singapore, the sweet rice cakes known as traditional tteok are much more elusive. This is most probably because for a sweet rice cake to taste good, it has to be made fresh by hand—most preferably by a seasoned Korean halmeoni or harabeoji (grandma or grandpa). 

Now, thanks to the sweet ahjumma behind Bosong Rice Cake House you can enjoy these satisfyingly chewy sweet treats without flying over to South Korea. Tucked unassumingly in a corner within Beauty World Plaza at Bukit Timah, this humble little rice cake shop sells a myriad of traditional Korean tteok as well as innovative novel flavours. 

bosong rice cake korean
Photo: Bosong Rice Cake House

Some of the more popular flavours include the old but gold injeolmi-coated tteok (injeolmi is a variety of ground beans and nuts), peanut-filled, and mung bean-filled tteok. Many have claimed that these rice cakes have perfected the balance of sweetness with just a twinge of savouriness. 

They look super pretty as well as they come in a variety of pastel colours as well as adorable flower shapes that’s really good for gifting. There are rice cake sets that you can purchase that makes it very convenient for special occasions. 

If you’re down to try some more experimental flavours, they also have Oreo, cheese and jam-flavoured variations. 

bosong rice cake korean
Photo: Bosong Rice Cake House

For those who prefer something less sweet and a little bit more earthy, the Mugwort rice cake is something lesser-known in Singapore that you should probably give a try. 

Do note that the shop is only open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays if you want to make a visit personally. If you’d like to order online, you can visit their Instagram page for more information like the full menu, costs and how to order. 

I’m a sucker for traditional Asian treats that go well together with tea, so I definitely won’t be missing out on Bosong Rice Cake House’s delights! 

Bosong Rice Cake House
???? 140 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #02-04, Singapore 588176
???? 11.30am–7pm (Thu to Sat)

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