This thrift store in SG sells S$2 tees & jackets for your next wardrobe update

by Vera

I first picked up thrifting while staying abroad where the culture was widely-practiced, and the streets were littered with stores. Coming back to Singapore, there weren’t very many places that upheld the principle behind thrifting — sustainable fashion at an affordable price tag. Enter F-Five Rag House, or Function Five Rag House, a store that prides itself on S$2 storewide apparel.

Photo: @ffivethriftshop/tiktok

Everything at S$2

Photo: @ffivethriftshop/tiktok

The OG thrift store at 43 Arab Street has always served the precinct with unique finds, but you can think of its rag house counterpart as its (even more) budget but equally snazzy sister. Located at 749 North Bridge Road, the rag house boasts its S$2 offerings via this TikTok. From the clip, it appears that a wide range of tees and sweatshirts are available for your choosing, which spells great news if you’re looking to revamp your wardrobe on a budget.

Bundle deals

thrift store
Photo: @ffivethriftshop/tiktok

At the rag house, you’ll also find a Buy 5 Get 1 Free combo amongst other “cool promos” that have been promised to customers. They’ve also run other promotions such as allowing shoppers to take as much as they want with S$25 spent, or free work jackets for students with any purchase.

Their collection also includes apparel that run from XXS up to 4XL in size, making the shopping experience inclusive for all.

We have no choice but to stan a thrift store that supports both inclusivity and broke students on a budget.

Upholding the spirit of thrifting

thrift store
Photo: @ffivethriftshop/tiktok

Unlike many “thrift” stores in Singapore that are really just excuses for hype seekers to resell their rare cops at a premium, F-Five Rag House actually preserves the spirit of thrifting with their low price points. This makes sustainable fashion accessible to most, and allows older textiles to enjoy a renewed lease of life.

F-Five Rag House
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???? 749 North Bridge Rd

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