HBO is developing three new Game of Thrones spinoffs

by Natalie Lim

Drogon may have flown off with Daenerys Targaryen’s corpse and left us all in tears, but it’s time to pick ourselves back up because HBO has reported on three more Game of Thrones spinoffs.

Though it’s been two years since Game of Thrones has ended its eight-season run, fans are still dying for more. After all, it was common consensus that the finale season felt rushed and underwhelming — Jon Snow may have said “She’s my queen,” a lil’ too much.

Game of Thrones spinoffs at work

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The spinoffs will be prequels to the original Game of Thrones series. Though it wouldn’t resurrect Dany, the first project, “9 Voyages” or “Sea Snake” would center on Lord Corlys Velaryon, head of House Velaryon and husband to Rhaenys Targaryen.

The setting will take place on Sea Snake Vessel, following Lord Corlys’ voyage to a place called Pentos, Dragonstone near the bottom of Westeros with Lys, Tyrosh and Myr. As they head north in search of the passage at the top of Westeros, the crew faces a series of obstacles sprouted from newfound frozen seas and behemoth icebergs.

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In “Flea Bottom”, fans can expect a focus on the King’s Landing slum district that was seen in multiple seasons of the original Thrones.

While “10,000 Ships” will revolve around Princess Nymeria, who journeyed with the Rhoynar to Dorne and married Lord Mors Martell.

According to sources, “9 Voyages” is the most fully-formed idea, as compared to the other Game of Thrones spinoffs. Working on it is a creative team that includes English screenwriter, Bruno Heller, while the other two projects, “Flea Bottom” and “10,000 Ships” are still in their exploration phases, not yet confirming any writers. 

A Song of Ice and Fire

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These prequels accompany “House of the Dragon,” which is already much further along. Production will start in April 2021 and it is set to launch in 2022. The series will set 300 years prior to its predecessor, tracing the troubled past of House Targaryen.

HBO is also exploring other Game of Thrones spinoffs, which will air concurrently with “House of the Dragon.” These include an adaptation of the Tales of Dunk & Egg novellas and an adult animated series, which will star on HBO Max.

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