Hangawi Korean Food at Fortune Centre has affordable rice cake soup and other authentic Korean fare perfect for rainy days


Most of us are probably familiar with Korean food (in Singapore) staples like soondubu stew, bulgogi, bibimbap and so on—but have you tried tteokguk (rice cake soup)? 

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Often made with a milky bone broth, sliced rice cakes, julienned vegetables and egg and sometimes mandu (dumpling), tteokguk is one of the go-to comfort meals for many Koreans. 

It’s also a Korean tradition to eat it on New Years’ Day as it symbolises a fresh start and prosperity. 

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Located in Fortune Centre, Hangawi Korean Food is a humble eatery nestled within the sea of (also delicious) vegetarian eateries. You probably won’t miss it — it’s usually packed with diners. 

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The menu is pretty substantial with the usual items like tteokbokki (S$6.50) and bibimbap (S$6.90) as well as seolleongtang (oxtail soup) (S$6.90), samgyetang (S$10.50), and of course, tteokguk (S$6.90)

Light but still flavourful, the tteokguk here is served with generous portions of sliced rice cake, egg, carrots, egg, spring onion and a handful of shredded seaweed.

It also comes with the usual banchan (side dishes) that you’ll get at a standard food court Korean stall — kimchi and spicy anchovies. Who knows, maybe you can even toss the kimchi into the soup to make your very own kimchi tteokguk (this is a real variation of the dish!). No promises on how it’ll taste though. 

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Other than that, you can also get free-flow servings of miyeokguk (seaweed soup). That’s quite a meal for S$6.90! 

Do note that the eatery doesn’t seem to serve drinks, so you might need to grab something from a nearby 7-11 or one of the bubble tea stores if you’re someone that needs to have a drink with your meal. 

The eatery also earns plus points for its location — it’s located in the same building as Yat Ka Yan, one of the most popular local dessert stalls in Singapore where you can end off your meal on a sweet note (try their chendol!)

Now you know where to go when you’re craving for some affordable and homely Korean fare! 

Hangawi Korean Food
???? 190 Middle Rd, #02-18, Singapore 188979
????10am – 8pm (Daily)

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