Huang Tu Di Xi An Delights has unique biang biang noodles & other lesser known Shaanxi-style bites


With plenty of mala and skewer places strewn all around our island, it’s probably safe to say that authentic Chinese cuisine isn’t that hard to find in Singapore — but have you ever specifically had Shaanxi cuisine

For those who aren’t familiar with Shaanxi cuisine, the dishes emphasise pretty heavily on strong and savoury flavours like garlic and vinegar — and more particularly, lamb and mutton dishes as well as the unique and chewy biang biang noodles (it’s written using the most complex Chinese character in the books with 58 strokes!). 

huang tu di xi an delights
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At Huang Tu Di Xi An Delights tucked away in Clementi, you’ll be able to find just that and more. 

huang tu di xi an delights
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Other than the signature 3-in-1 Biang Biang noodle (S$8.80), you’ll also find a myriad of other tantalising noodle dishes like the soupy Claypot Vermicelli (S$7.80), savoury Oil Spilled Shaved Noodle (S$7.80), wholesome Tomato Egg Noodle (S$6.80) and more. The portions of the mains are also really generous, so you can probably share with your friends and family if you want to be able to try more of the different types of noodles. 

huang tu di xi an delights
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To go with your hearty mains, you’ll also find a bunch of different side dishes like warm dumplings (S$6.80/10 pieces), Braised Pork Meat Bun (S$5.90) (perfect for getting it to go!), as well as cold dishes like Xi’An Cold Noodle (S$5.80), Cold Pig Ears in Sauce (S$7), Marinated Beef (S$10) and more. 

Looking for something different to try? Check out this lesser-known gem for their authentic Shaanxi fare!

Huang Tu Di Xi An Delights
???? 321 Clementi Ave 3, #02-08 321 Clementi Shopping mall, 129905
???? 11am – 10pm (Mon to Sun)

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