Drift into the nostalgic world of Initial D as the iconic Fujiwara Tofu Shop opens in Singapore in February 2023


We might not know how they do (it) in Tokyo, but we do know that this is a piece of news that will get Initial D fans, cafe hopping enthusiasts or just nostalgics’ hearts racing — Singapore is finally have its very own Initial D cafe, otherwise known as the Fujiwara Tofu Shop

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For the uninitiated, Fujiwara Tofu Shop is the tofu store owned by the father of Takumi (the main character of the series) in the anime and manga — and the new upcoming cafe in Singapore will present the shop’s iconic storefront.

initial d cafe fujiwara tofu shop singapore
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Perhaps it’ll even be completed with a Toyota AE86 parked in front just like the anime?

initial d cafe singapore fujiwara tofu shop
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Located in Geylang, the new cafe is set to open in late February 2023. While the menu hasn’t been confirmed yet, we can probably expect to see an array of yummy offerings in the form of Japanese-inspired mains like curry rice, rice bowls, tantalising small bites, refreshing drinks, and of course, tofu-based dishes

initial d cafe fujiwara tofu shop
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For the impatient ones who think that late February is way too far away, you can consider heading down to the Fujiwara Tofu Shop in Subang Jaya (Malaysia) for a taste of what’s drifting into our sunny shores! 

initial d cafe fujiwara tofu shop
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If it’s going to be anything like the outlet in Malaysia, then one of the must-tries for when the cafe opens would be the signature Homemade Black Tofu — the colour might look a little intimidating, but don’t worry, that’s just the charcoal coating! 

Another expected hot pick would also probably be the soya beancurd dishes that would be the perfect afternoon sweet treat or dessert to finish off your meal. 

To make your experience even more memorable, perhaps you can even take the wheel and race with your friends on the nostalgic arcade racing machines (loser foots the bill?). 

initial d cafe fujiwara tofu shop
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Can’t wait to step into the world of Initial D already? We wheel update you once more information is made available, so remember to keep an eye out! 

Initial D Cafe Singapore: Fujiwara Tofu Shop
????169 Sims Ave, #01-02, Singapore 387488
???? TBC

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