Travel back to the ’80s heyday with these 6 nostalgic and exciting retro-themed activities like hunting for retro vinyls and going to a roller disco

by Trinity Sun

Want to experience a day living the retro life? Here’s how to cut (foot)loose with six nostalgic and exciting retro-themed activities that will take you back to a neon-hued heyday with sick beats, thrilling arcades and more groovy fun. 

1. Rock out at indie record stores

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You can’t mention retro without the top hits of the 80’s and 90s’, or record players, and you can find exactly what you’re looking for at The Analog Vault, Retrocrates and other unique stores, to name a few. Create your own mixtape with a wide range of genres, and find your own sound – you’ll never know what you come across.

2. Get your groove on at a roller disco

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Watched Stranger Things and want to try out skating on a roller rink? Hi-Roller is a sweet party spot you won’t want to miss. Head to Downtown East for themed rink nights like emo punk and disco, make new friends, and be part of a retro night to remember!

3. Sip on milkshakes at a diner

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Sit at a booth and enjoy some refreshingly good milkshakes that will take you back to the good ol’ days. There’s no shortage of retro diners in Singapore, and popular haunts like Joji’s Diner and Overeasy are diners you can’t miss. Did you know there’s also one in Universal Studios? Mel’s Drive-In serves up milkshakes and light bites you can share with your pals, perfect for ending the day with a bang.

4. Thrift vintage outfits

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Switch up your style a little with a pop of colour and go thrift shopping! You can find plenty of vintage outfits at thrift stores at Haji Lane and Lucky Plaza, as well as underrated gems you won’t regret buying. 

5. Spend the day at an arcade

retro-themed activities
Photo: Level Up/google images

Arcades have made a comeback in Singapore, and while you can find regular arcades in most major malls, truly retro arcades aren’t as commonplace. If you’ve missed playing the arcade games of your childhood (Street Fighter and Time Crisis, anyone?), you can get your nostalgia fix at Virtualand and Level Up, which offer a selection of classic favourites.

6. Visit a nostalgic game store

retro-themed activities
Photo: @retronutz/instagram

Ever wanted to see game consoles dating back to the 80s’? Retronutz is a store in Sim Lim Square packed with nostalgia, and games, of course, with a wide range of titles from Mario to Pokemon. You’ll definitely find something cool and unique here.

So put on those roller skates, find your own sound, rock the runway with your new outfit – the possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with!

With no shortage of retro-themed activities to do, the next time you’re looking for something to do during the weekend, why not try these?

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