ISETAN’s Momiji Matsuri food festival at NEX has seasonal Japanese street cart food like Kumamon obanyaki, Harajuku crepes, braised seafood, skewers and many more


Whenever you have a Japanese food craving in Singapore, it’s always easy to satisfy thanks to the huge variety of Japanese food options we have available in Singapore — specialty supermarkets (Don Don Donki, Iroha Mart), omakase restaurants, izakayas and so on. Honestly, nobody’s really crying about not having enough Japanese food options on our sunny island. 

japanese autumn
Photo: Live Japan

What we do lack though, are the four seasons that Japan has and all the seasonal treats that come with it — especially autumn (also known as the season of harvesting!). 

While we might not be able to experience the beautifully cold weather, thanks to ISETAN’s Momiji Matsuri food festival, we’ll be able to indulge in delightful and fresh seasonal yatai (street cart) food from Japanese brands that aren’t usually available in Singapore. 

The food festival will be happening at NEX mall in Serangoon and will run from 18 to 30 October 2022

Here, you’ll be able to experience a slice of Japan’s lauded autumn season with specialties from stalls like: 


isetan momiji matsuri nex
Photo: TOKIO

An old school fruit parlour from Fukuoka highly raved for their fruits and desserts like parfaits, crepes and fruit sandos. A must-try is their decadent Banana Crepe, which will be going for S$3 a piece here. 

Kurikoma Chaya

isetan momiji matsuri nex
Photo: Kurikoma Chaya

A traditional sweet store sitting at the foot of Mt. Kurikoma between the Iwate, Miyagi and Akita prefectures in Japan. At the food festival here, you’ll be able to get a variety of their intricate desserts like Mochi Cake with Butternut Pumpkin Paste (S$4/6 pieces) and Fruit Mochi Cake (S$25/5 sticks) that comes in a unique skewer form.


isetan momiji matsuri nex

No, not the bookstore. This is a popular dessert franchise that has over 30 stores in Tokyo — so you know it’s going to be good. Their most popular item is the American-style Apple Pie (S$24.90), which you’ll be able to get and impress your friends with at the food festival here. 

Ijima Shoten

isetan momiji matsuri nex
Photo: Ijima Shoten

A seafood stall from Kumamoto serving fresh octopus, shellfish and more that you can enjoy both braised and deep-fried. Prices start from just S$7.80 for 100g, so time to take a break from the usual sushi and sashimi and dig into these umami selections! 


Photo: @jasminetck/instagram

Obanyaki modelled after the adorable Kumamon — ‘nuff said. Hailing from Kumamoto, this stall sells the popular chewy, Japanese sponge cake in four flavours: red bean paste, cream, sweet potato and chocolate. Brownie points for the Kumamon Ningo Yaki (S$4.50/piece) for looking super cute for your TikToks and IG feed too. 

Nakayama Shokuhin

isetan momiji matsuri nex
Photo: @ghostguan/instagram

Takoyaki is a must-have at Japanese matsuris, and here, you’ll be able to enjoy authentic grilled octopus balls from this stall from Kyushu at S$8 for 6 pieces

And that’s just brushing the tip of the iceberg — the list of different stalls filled with all sorts of eats is endless. Mains, snacks, desserts, fresh produce, sake, you name it! 

Ready to have your anime main character moment? Check out Isetan’s Momiji Matsuri food festival at NEX! 

ISETAN Momiji Matsuri
Facebook | Instagram | Website
📍 23 Serangoon Central, #01-57, Singapore 556083
📅 18 Oct to 30 Oct 2022

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