Have a roarin’ good time at Jurassic Nest, Singapore’s first dinosaur-themed food hall with Michelin-starred brands & more

by Trinity Sun

If dinosaurs walked among us, like in the Jurassic Park series, what would that look like? Maybe you’d be able to travel on a brachiosaur, and go surfing with a plesiosaurus. Or perhaps, life would begin in the most unlikely of places, at Jurassic Nest, a dinosaur-themed food hall in Gardens by the Bay, opening on November 18 2022

Photo: Gardens by the Bay

The Jurassic Nest is where 18 dinosaurs call home in Supertree Grove, from an animatronic T-Rex to a 5m tall brachiosaurus, you can meet your favourite dinos. There will also be hourly dino shows, where the animatronic dinosaurs come to life, so you can say you’ve walked amongst dinosaurs. You’ll feel like you’re in a scene out of Jurassic Park, surrounded by majestic animatronic dinosaurs, but unlike the movie, you can take a selfie with a T-Rex without being afraid of it taking a bite.

 Jurassic Nest
Photo: Gardens by the Bay

You can expect to find Michelin-starred brands serving up a range of Asian cuisine, which include Hawker Chan’s Chicken Rice and Tsuta Ramen among other offerings. Mama by Putien will also be unveiling its new stall soon! You can get a meal under S$10 here, with the cheapest menu item going for S$8.80

 Jurassic Nest
Photo: Gardens by the Bay/facebook

If you just want a light bite before setting off for the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome, there’s also a cafe selling toast and coffee, with other local and international menu items, since the Jurassic Nest Cafe is open from 8.30am daily, perfect if you’re visiting Gardens by the Bay early.

 Jurassic Nest
Photo: Gardens by the Bay/facebook

Discover the origins of the flora and fauna we know today in a new educational trail that takes you around the gardens on a prehistoric adventure, where you’ll learn more about the unique diets of herbivorous dinosaurs. 

Ready to have a unique Jurassic experience? Then you can’t miss Jurassic Nest, where you can have your own dinosaur adventure!

Jurassic Nest Food Hall & Cafe
📍 18 Marina Gardens Drive #01-02, Singapore 018953
🕒 Jurassic Nest Cafe: 8.30am – 9.30pm (Mon to Sun)
Food Hall: 11.00am – 9.30pm (Mon to Sun)
📅 Opening 18 Nov 2022

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