Keen’s Bagelry has Japanese and New York City inspired fluffy bagels packed with customisable ingredients

keen's bagelry

Have you stumbled on this hidden gem in Bugis? If you don’t want to miss out, head over to Keen’s Bagelry to try one of their deliciously fluffy bagels. The bagels are so good, that they’re accordingly usually sold out within two to three hours after opening. *hyperventilates*

keen's bagelry
Photos: @ayayaaaam and @keensbagelry/instagram

The bagels here are a Japanese and New York City-inspired fusion with the star of the show being the bagelwiches (bagel sandwiches) with five yummy choices to pick from – Bekki, Truffle Chickin, Loxu, Hashstack and Hammydinger

The generous ingredients packed into each bagelwich varies from sizzling bacon to juicy well-marinated oven-baked house-marinated chicken leg, Norwegian smoked salmon, hashbrown, turkey and chicken ham

Photos: @keensbagelry and @queueornot/instagram

We can’t forget to mention the scrambled eggs with mozzarella, torched sliced cheddar and a variety of yummy house-made sauces too – think house-made garlic aioli, truffle mayo, cream cheese, and mayomust sauce!

keen's bagelry
Photos: @germunchiez/instagram

And if you’re not too keen on the chef-curated bagelwich selection, you can also feel free to DIY and customise your bagel or bagelwich exactly how you want it. 

Photos: @ayayaaaam and @germunchiez/instagram

Choose the type of bagel you want with plain, sesame, cheddar, cranberry and blueberry options available. Then choose your add-ons (bacon, chicken leg, salmon, etc) and/or your schmears with cream cheese, PBJ and maple butter.

If you’re not in the mood for something too heavy, you can also easily go for their bagels alone, and add a schmear or two.

keen's bagelry
Photos: @snapeatlife/instagram

Prepared on the spot, enjoy your fresh, warm and fluffy bagels and enjoy bagel chef Keen’s passion for his craft as you watch him dedicatedly construct each bagel. With compliments to the chef, it’s time to head over to grab a bagelwich or two!

PS: Keen’s Bagelry is located within Curbside Crafters, a marketplace where you’ll be able to find an assortment of goods to purchase from art to trinkets, jewellery and more.

Keen’s Bagelry
???? 730 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198698
???? 12pm – 8pm (Tue to Sun)

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