KYO Kohee is a minimalistic specialty matcha and coffee cafe located in Tanjong Pagar


Whether you’re a matcha lover, a coffee addict or both, you should probably check out KYO Kohee — a specialty matcha and coffee cafe.

KYO Kohee Tanjong Pagar
Photo: @madhanrui/instagram

The quaint little cafe tucked within the busy Tanjong Pagar area is perfect for when you want to slow down and unwind over some delicious drinks and bites —- which is exactly the kind of vibe that the cafe is going for (small and simple joys)

KYO Kohee Tanjong Pagar
Photo: @iris.nihao/instagram

The menu is also really simple (very apt for the theme!) but definitely substantial. As a specialty cafe, KYO Kohee definitely doesn’t just use any ol’ matcha powder — their matcha beverages are made with ceremonial grade matcha, and you can either order them straight (S$5.90) or as a latte (S$6.90). If you’re someone who prefers a more smoky and toasted taste, there’s also the Hojicha Latte (S$5.90)

KYO Kohee Tanjong Pagar
Photo: @iris.nihao/instagram

For the coffee drinkers, one of their more popular items is the Iced KYO Coffee (S$6.90). If you prefer your coffee hot, there’s also the standard Mocha (S$6), White coffee (S$5.50) and Black coffee (S$4.50)

Other than that, the cafe also serves freshly brewed tea imported from Japan like the Sencha Yabukita (S$5.90) and Tenbone Hoji Tea (S$4.90). Both of them are green teas, just with a different flavour profile so you’ll have to decide which taste you’re feeling more of that day! 

Of course, what’s tea time without some yummy bites? Order some buttery Croffles (S$3.90) to go with your beverage of choice, or you could also order the Affogato Ice-Cream. Unlike most places that only offer one option, you can choose to pour either a shot of coffee (S$5.90) or a shot of matcha (S$6.90) over your ice-cream. 

KYO Kohee Tanjong Pagar
Photo: KYO Kohee

The next time you’re looking for a good place to have some tea and coffee with your loved ones (or even by yourself!), check out KYO Kohee! 

KYO Kohee

Facebook | Instagram | Website

📍144 Robinson Rd, #01-01, Singapore 068908

🕒 8am – 5pm (Mon to Fri), 8am – 1pm (Sat, closed on Sun)

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