McDonald’s has new mango flavoured cone, McFlurry, Hot Fudge Sundae and more starting today 


Whether it’s a national thing or a worldwide phenomenon, we can’t help getting excited every time McDonald’s Singapore announces the launch of a brand spankin’ new flavour or product. (And a lot of times, when they bring seasonal items back on the menu!)

Now, shortly after releasing the new Salt & Pepper McCrispy, McDonald’s has come out with a new summery treat— mango-flavoured desserts that you can get at any McDonald’s dessert kiosk

mcdonalds seasalt mcflurry
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Some of the previous crowd favourite desserts released have included the yubari melon ice-cream, Ovaltine McFlurry and Sea Salt McFlurry. Special shout out to the durian ice-creams in the spirit of durian season as well! 

mcdonalds ovaltine mcflurry
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The new mango themed dessert menu includes refreshing creations like the Mango McFlurry, Mango Cone, Mango Twist Cone (for those who just can’t decide!) and Mango Hot Fudge Sundae. 

mcdonalds mango soft serve

I’ve never had mango with chocolate before, but it sounds like a really delicious idea.

You might also notice that there isn’t a Strawberry Sundae version of the mango desserts, but who’s to stop you from getting them all and creating your own little recipe? Mango and strawberry sounds like a refreshing treat for tea time. 

mcdonalds mango pie
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On second thought, a mango banana crumble ice-cream with the newly launched banana pie doesn’t sound half bad either.

Mangos are good in whatever form they come, the actual fruit, a mango smoothie, mango pudding, mango mousse, mango sago and the list continues. 

Sweet, zesty and tasting somewhat like summer, it’s time to make a dash to your nearest McDonald’s to get your hands on any of their new mango desserts!

And while you’re there, don’t forget to pick up their new Salt & Pepper McCrispy as well, if you haven’t already!

PS: if you haven’t heard, McGriddles are also back on the breakfast menu. *whoop whoop!*

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