This spa in Singapore has a S$58 all-in scalp treatment, relaxing head massage, high tea & Korean hanbok experience


You don’t have to travel all the way to Bukchon Hanok Village in South Korea to get transported back to the Joseon Dynasty — just head over to Oscar Head Spa located at Clarke Quay

Oscar Head Spa hanbok
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Specialising in head spa treatments, Oscar Head Spa is a really great place to drop by if you’re in need of a quick self-pampering sesh. 

Their signature scalp ritual not only helps to detox your scalp, but it also helps to encourage hair growth and relieve tension around the head and neck with a therapeutic head massage — sounds like the perfect way to end off the night after a long day/week at work.  

Singapore’s hot and humid weather makes our hair follicles clog up pretty easily with oil and other pollutants, and the scalp treatment helps with just that by unclogging them and helping our scalp release some natural and healthy oils that’ll do away with the flakiness that make for unsightly dandruff. 

Oscar Head Spa Hanbok High Tea
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On top of the relaxing scalp treatment, the spa is also currently offering a promotion at S$58 which also includes a hanbok experience (you can don colourful and gorgeous hanboks for some really pretty photographs!) as well as tea and treats that you can enjoy after your scalp treatment. 

Oscar Head Spa High Tea
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You’ll also love that the spa has a spacious and clean interior — with large windows allowing in plenty of sunlight and a 10/10 view of the city’s bustling Central Business District area (also plus points for great lighting when you’re snapping some IG-worthy hanbok pictures!). 

Oscar Head Spa High Tea
Photo: @loowong007/instagram

One of the things many of us hate the most about some spas and salons is the hardselling — but you don’t have to worry about that here! The people at Oscar Head Spa reassures customers that they do not believe in hardselling, so you don’t have to fret about coming up  with awkward excuses to do away with that! 

They’re also pretty transparent, so you can be rest assured that there are no pesky hidden fees for their promotions as well. 

The next time you’re in need for a quick breather and looking for something relaxing to treat yourself with, run over to Oscar Head Spa for a soothing scalp treatment with a twist!

Oscar Head Spa
Facebook | Instagram
???? 6 Eu Tong Sen St #11-11, Soho, #1 The Central, 059817
???? 11am – 9pm (Sun to Fri), 11am – 9.30pm (Sat)

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