POP MART is going to have a creepily cute The Conjuring universe collection with characters like Annabelle, The Crooked Man & more


Halloween is creeping up on us — but sadly, it is fleeting. After 31 October, the spooky season will officially be over. 

We won’t see any more creepily awesome decorations decked out everywhere every day anymore, which is such a bummer for everyone who loves all things scary and ghastly — until POP MART decided to collaborate with Warner Bros. and come up with a The Conjuring universe collection for their blind boxes (for those who aren’t familiar with The Conjuring universe, think of it like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but for horror). 

the conjuring universe pop mart

If you’ve already binged all the horror movies from the series like The Conjuring (duh) and Annabelle and are looking forward to the upcoming releases like The Nun 2 and The Crooked Man, why not satiate your craving for these thrilling flicks in the meantime with some creepily cute figurines from the POP MART collection? 

the conjuring universe pop mart

The collection will include some of The Conjuring universe’s most popular (and scariest) characters like: 

  • Ed and Lorraine Warren 
  • The Nun (Valak) 
  • Carolyn Perron (possessed) 
  • The Ferryman 
  • The Crooked Man 
  • The White Lady 
  • Old Man’s Ghost 
  • Accordion Monkey 
  • The Prophecy TV 
  • The Samurai Suit 
  • Annabelle 

There’s even be a secret figurine (the suspense is killing us!) thrown into the mix — you just might have to collect every single one! 

the conjuring universe pop mart

While the official release date of the collection has still yet to be confirmed, it’s best to keep an eye out for updates as they’re probably going to drop soon (and sell out in minutes!). 

the conjuring universe pop mart

PS: If you’re looking to fully immerse yourself in the scary Halloween vibes, you can also scare yourself silly at Halloween Horror Nights, get an adrenaline rush at the Halloween Night Luge, or explore these haunted places in Singapore.


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