Travel back in time with the last kacang puteh stall in Singapore near Dhoby Ghaut


Many of us have our own little rituals before watching a movie at the theatres — some of us have to use the bathroom just one last time before we settle down for a film, some of us must have the classic cinema snacks like popcorn and soda, and some of us might just do a little shopping at a nearby supermarket or convenience store right before. 

And while we might not see it often (or at all) now, there was a time when many movie-goers’ ritual involved kacang puteh — an old school Singaporean favourite of mixed nuts and crackers served in a paper cone. 

Many years ago, you would see many pushcarts and pop-ups stationed around parks and outside movie theatres selling these simple yet satisfying snacks. Sadly, they’ve since become a thing of the past as Western and foreign snacks became more popular on our sunny island — or have they? 

At the Peace Centre near Dhoby Ghaut MRT, you’ll find the last kacang puteh man standing in Singapore with his humble little pushcart. 

last kacang puteh man dhoby ghaut peace centre singapore
Photo: @george.kooi/instagram

You can find Mr Amirthaalangaram Moorthy, the friendly seller, at the entrance of the building, from 10am to 7pm daily except for Sundays — so you have plenty of time to get your nutty fix! 

last kacang puteh man dhoby ghaut peace centre singapore
Photo: @tonyfoodsage/instagram

The pushcart is decked out with over 20 types of different nuts, beans and crackers. There are even some variations that are steamed like peanuts and chickpeas if you’re looking for something hot. Of course, you’ll have to try their murukku (an Indian rice flour fried snack) as well. The prices are also very reasonable, with everything being under S$2

last kacang puteh man dhoby ghaut peace centre singapore
Photo: @leftfootsg/instagram

If you’re looking for a nostalgic taste in a modern society (their tagline!), definitely check out this humble little business at the Peace Centre! If you’re looking to order these snacks, you can also contact them on their mobile at 9740 6070!

Kacang Puteh at Peace Centre
????35 Selegie Rd, Singapore 188307
???? 10am–7pm (Mon to Sat)

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