Stuff yourself silly with the Suki-Ya 1-for-1 promo

by Evan Mua
suki-ya 1-for-1 promo

Did you feel like your CNY hotpot dinners didn’t have enough food to feed your hotpot cravings? Suki-Ya 1-for-1 promo is back so you don’t have to share all those coveted shabu pork slices with your relatives.

suki-ya 1-for-1 promo bugis+
Photo: SUKI-YA/facebook

From 22nd February to 25 February, you can enjoy Suki-Ya’s 1-for-1 promo at their Bugis+ outlet. It will only be available from 4pm onwards, and only available for walk-ins.

Yes, you get to indulge 60 min shabu shabu feast at Suki-Ya for just S$12.45++, with the original dinner price already a steal at only S$24.90++.

Suki-Ya’s 1-for-1 promo is only available for regular buffet, and is also not valid with additional add-ons or a la carte drinks. It also doesn’t include free flow ice cream.

Photo: SUKI-YA/facebook

For those unfamiliar with Suki-Ya, it’s a popular all-you-can-eat Japanese hotpot shabu shabu experience

You can choose from rich broths like the Kimuchi kimchi broth or Butaniku pork broth, or just go for the classic shabu shabu stock.

Besides that, you can order as many plates of quality meats as you like, including beef, pork and chicken.

suki-ya 1-for-1 promo hotpot
Photo: @wishunponatart/instagram

The best part? You don’t have to share your meat with anyone. I’ve wolfed down 10 plates of beef on multiple visits. It’s definitely worth it, especially with Suki-Ya’s 1-for-1 promo.

Suki-Ya’s 1-for-1 promo might look familiar to some cos it’s something that keeps coming back. It’s like the endless “fire sales” at Value Dollar, you think it’s gonna be gone but it never leaves

No one’s complaining though. It’s great for affordable gatherings or if you’re somehow looking to protein load for the gains.

suki-ya 1-for-1 promo citibank
Photo: SUKI-YA/

Don’t worry if you miss out on this Suki-Ya 1-for-1 promo though, because there is also a Citibank promo running concurrently running from 4th January to 31st March.

It’s valid during lunch, on Monday to Thursdays, and will be a shabu shabu feast for also 60 mins, similar to Suki-Ya’s 1-for-1 promo at Bugis+.

However, it is not valid at the Suki-Ya Plaza Singapura, Bukit Panjang Plaza and Bugis+ outlets and must be charged to a Citibank credit / debit card in a single receipt.

Suki-Ya outlets can be found at the following locations:

  • Plaza Singapura
  • Marina Square
  • Bugis +
  • Kallang Wave Mall
  • Heartland Mall Kovan
  • Bukit Panjang Plaza

Suki-Ya 1-for-1 Promo
Facebook | Instagram
????201 Victoria St, #04-14 to 15 Bugis+, Singapore 188067
????️ 22 Feb–24 Feb, 4pm onwards

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