This thrift market at Lavender has hidden finds from over 40 booths from just S$2 every Sunday


Thanks to the increased awareness from social media platforms like TikTok, sustainable fashion practices like thrifting has become all the rage right now — but it’s probably safe to say that many thrift stores in Singapore can be pretty small and obscure as compared to the ones in other countries. 

That is, until we stumbled upon The Luggage Market (no, it’s not a luggage sale!). Located at Aperia Mall (just a five minute walk from Lavender MRT), this large-scale thrift market has secondhand goodies from over 40 thrift booths operating out of luggages (hence, the name). 

The Luggage Market Sunday Thrift Market
Photo: @yushann_/instagram

The reason why the booths are operating out of luggages is because The Luggage Market wants people to be able to shop and sell their secondhand items in the easiest way possible — no hassle, no frills (plus, it’s pretty fun to do it the OG flea market/yard sale way too!).

The Luggage Market Sunday Thrift Market
Photo: @jastinekym/instagram

The lively thrift market operates every Sunday from 11AM to 6PM with both indoor and outdoor booths — good news for the ones who prefer to shop in the comfort of an air-conditioned space. 

As The Luggage Market is really big on the sustainability movement and very passionate about curbing overconsumption, most of the items that you’ll find here are pre-loved and priced really affordably. You can even book a booth and bring your own secondhand items to sell — though it can be hard to book a booth at the moment as the booths are in really high demand. 

The Luggage Market Sunday Thrift Market
Photo: @jodiaarielle/instagram

From chic vintage fashion to feminine and dainty outfits, you’ll be able to find virtually anything from the vast number of booths — and they go from as low as S$2 (sometimes even lesser!). 

If you’re looking to amp up your wardrobe while earning some extra karma points for saving the environment, The Luggage Market might just become your weekly go-to shopping spot! #letsgothrifting!

The Luggage Market
Facebook | Instagram | Website
📍 Aperia Mall L1 Atrium Singapore, Singapore 339511
🕒 11am – 6pm (Sun)

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