XM Studios has an exclusive real-life Batcave with Batman’s weapons & suits, life-size Marvel, DC & Transformers superheroes too

by Trinity Sun

Here’s your chance to become Bruce Wayne at XM Studios, where you can step into a real-life Batcave and fight crime in Gotham City. It’s Batman Month at XM Studios, where the Dark Knight takes over. 

xm studios
Photo: @the.batmancollector/instagram

Decked out in all things Batman, XM Studios takes the immersion to the next level with a life-size replica of the Batcave.

xm studios
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With interactive panels, schematics of the Batmobile and a weapons rack with batarangs as well as the iconic Batman suit on display, you’ll feel as if you’re right in the middle of a Batman movie. 

xm studios
Photo: @recalcitrantbunny/instagram

Exclusive Batman figurines are also on display and for sale, with the new Batman Samurai merch dropping at XM Studios. You can also stand to win Wonderwoman, The Flash, and other DC figurines by striking a pose in their photo area and posting it on your social feed.

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Apart from Batman merch, XM Studios has Transformers displays, featuring fan favourites such as Optimus Prime, Megatron, and Starscream. With a large range of Transformers figurines, you can pose with your favourite characters and pretend you’re fighting off Decepticons with Optimus Prime.

xm studios
Photo: Fc/Google Images

Otherwise, join the Marvel Universe and face off with a replica of Maestro, a Hulk supervillain variant in another timeline with Dr. Strange’s cape and an Iron-Man suit fighting alongside you. 

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After you’ve explored the space’s many figurines, take a look at concept sketches from figurine artists that walk you through how these larger-than-life figurines are created. There’s also a cafe at the space, where you can kick back with a cup of coffee and look out at the studio’s many figurines. 

xm studios
Photo: Cinewav

Can’t get enough of Batman content? Catch a screening of The Batman under the stars at Cinewav @ GLAMboyant on 2 October at a silent cinema, which gets you a free drink with every ticket. 

A trip to XM Studios is fun for the entire family, and you’ll get to live out your superhero movie dreams for an afternoon, so head on down for a unique experience!

XM Studios

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📍 XM Studios, 809 03-31 French Road Kitchener Complex, S200809
🕒  11am – 8pm (Mon to Sun)

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