Always considered getting braces? Here’s why you should definitely try Zenyum Invisible Braces and enjoy $200 off

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If you’ve been considering getting braces to straighten out your teeth, let this be the sign you might have been looking for – and easily get started with Zenyum’s free online assessment.

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I’ve personally always wanted to straighten my teeth and get rid of that one annoying little snaggle tooth. However, with traditional metal braces costing an average of S$3500 to S$5000 and taking an average treatment time of two years – and having heard stories from my friends about how their braces are cutting into their lips, how it’s hard to eat, and how painful it could get…

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I’ve procrastinated on spending that money and experiencing the pain and inconvenience that came with metal braces for years. Now that I know about Zenyum Invisible Braces though (from S$2400 with an additional S$200 off!), there are truly no more reasons to procrastinate getting my braces invisible braces on.


With Zenyum Invisible Braces, we get to skip all of the pain and inconvenience that used to come with traditional metal braces. These 3D printed transparent aligners are more comfortable with no metal wires cutting you and causing bleeding, pain and discomfort.


They are also more convenient as they can be removed anytime you want to eat or drink. You’ll be able to easily brush your teeth, keep your invisible braces clean, and you won’t have to worry about impromptu trips to the dentist due to broken wires or dislodged brackets. 

Better still, you can also see a 3D scan of your teeth to see the predicted ‘after’ results of your Invisible Braces unlike with traditional metal braces. It also takes about three to nine months on average for your teeth to straighten out, less than half the time (24 whole months!) needed for metal braces.


Cost-wise, all aligners and refinement sets you will need are included in a single treatment cost from S$2400, and you now get to enjoy an additional S$200 off too. This means that straightening your teeth with Zenyum’s Invisible Braces can cost almost half the average cost of traditional metal braces, and the best part –  it’s virtually unnoticeable and not as painful too.

Ready to get started on your journey to straighter teeth and a perfect smile? Check out Zenyum’s free online assessment anytime. You’re welcome.

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