This all-inclusive 49-day cruise from Singapore brings you across the Middle East, Mediterranean coasts, and Europe to Florida from just S$276 per night

by June Ngooi

It is that time of the year again where I fantasise about hopping on a long-awaited vacation and since the last long-term cruise, I find myself thinking about the next one already. 

Of course, the type of cruise that I was interested in was not for furry companions (imagine how cute that would be) but for people like you and me. 

Enter Holland America Line’s Zuiderdam, a sexy beast of a cruise ship that is adorned with neat nautical finishes and modern amenities that never stops to entertain you throughout your journey across the oceans. 

49 day cruise
Photo: Holland America Line/facebook

This luxury cruise ship can hold up to 1964 guests and spans 936 feet in length and 105.8 feet in width, so you can definitely count on it to meet all your needs even when halfway across the world. At least there is a guarantee that you won’t be bored! 

Photo: Holland America Line/facebook

The best part? Starting from our humble little red dot, Zuiderdam sets off to take the scenic route from Singapore that provides for the best views and stopovers all the way to Florida for a whopping 49 days for this year’s Grand World Voyage.

49 day cruise
Photo: Holland America Line/facebook

If you find that way too long, let me convince you otherwise with the full itinerary — and once you see how jam-packed it is, I’m sure the excitement will get to you too! 

The first stop on this 49 day cruise into South Asia after Singapore is Colombo, Sri Lanka, a place infused with deeply cultural aesthetics of one of the oldest religions in the region: Hinduism. Don’t forget to catch glimpses of temples dating back over 2000 years here.

Photo: Jalitha Hewage/unsplash

Just after a few days at sea, you will reach the heart of Bollywood otherwise known as Mumbai, India. This wonderful city is a perfect mix of modern attractions and tradition-rich Hindu temples!

49 day cruise
Photo: Julian Yu/unsplash

The next major region that Zuiderdam will bring us past is the Middle East, starting with Dubai, United Arab Emirates and then the capital city of Abu Dhabi. Believe me when I say the otherworldly cities consisting of large skyscrapers against the backdrop of extraordinary beaches in these places will blow you away. 

Photo: Christoph Schulz/unsplash

A quick U-turn will bring us to Muscat, Oman, where you can experience this port city in the Gulf of Oman surrounded by mountains and desert. 

It definitely is one to cross off the bucket list if you ask me, and the next one comes close to beating it.

49 day cruise
Photo: Anfal Samsudeen/unsplash

Ancient adventurers, you might want to take note for this part! Zuiderman will make a stop at the Gulf of Aqaba at — you guessed it — Aqaba, Jordan for one of the world’s famous archaeological sites, Petra. Home of the Nabataean Kingdom site, its architecture is half-carved and half-built into rock, promising a unique and historical view to marvel at. 

Photo: Brian Kairuz/unsplash

A traverse through the Suez Canal, one of Egypt’s most famous waterways because of its important place in historical economic trade, will be an eye-opener. And after a month at sea, you will have finally reached the Mediterranean Sea!

Some of the main highlights along the Mediterranean that this 49 day cruise will bring you through are the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus (seven ancient wonders of the world, anyone?), quaint towns and idyllic beaches on Mykonos, Greece and the port city of Piraeus just a little off the coast of Athens

49 day cruise
Photo: Woody van der Straeten/unsplash

Last but not least, the next few nights at European regions deliver new cuisines to try, as well as Insta-worthy sights to add to your collection. Think Naples, Malaga in Spain, and Portugal’s Azores. 

Photo: Tabea Schimpf/unsplash

BRB, I’m just going to mentally transport myself to those places real quick.

The last leg of this cruise would be crossing the Atlantic Sea and into the Americas, right to where Fort Lauderdale is in Florida. How’s that for a 49 day cruise halfway around the globe?

49 day cruise
Photo: Luis Espinoza/unsplash

As they say, it is not the destination but the journey that counts. On cruises, it is definitely the time spent on the ship out at sea that makes for the experience. That being said, let’s have a quick tour of the Zuiderdam!

Photo: Holland America Line/facebook

Fitted with two pools, the Sea View Pool and Lido Pool are perfect spots for you to kick back and chill. Both pools are also equipped with a bar, so don’t forget your cocktails in hand while you’re at it! 

49 day cruise
Photo: Holland America Line/facebook

Speaking of kicking back and chilling, treat yourself into a state of deep relaxation with the ship’s in-house Greenhouse Spa & Salon. Imagine rejuvenating with different massage treatments and an ocean view? That screams perfection. 

And if you’re looking for more active exercise, give the Fitness Center and Sports Deck a whirl. Nothing like keeping your routine in check while out at sea. 

Photo: Holland America Line/facebook

On to my favourite part of the ship, is the Promenade Deck, which houses the dining room (who doesn’t love food!), the Atrium and Ocean Bar, as well as the World Stage for concert and dance entertainment activities to take place. 

49 day cruise
Photo: Holland America Line/facebook

But wait, there’s more! 

Just a floor down on the Lower Promenade Deck, you will find the Explorer’s Lounge and Rolling Stone Lounge to relax in, or even browse the Art Gallery to feed your artistic cravings. Get your karaoke groove going on at the Billboard Onboard, and pop by the Pinnacle Grill for some hearty premium steak after! There is also a casino here for those who would like to play with chance. Promenade Deck? More like Party Deck if you ask me!

Photo: Holland America Line/facebook

With a ship this large, it is no surprise that there is something for everyone here on the Zuiderdam for a 49-day cruise.

With such extravagance, I’m sure you would be wondering about the prices. Don’t worry, we‘ve got you. 

Going from the types of rooms, the Interior cabin starts from S$13,516 (USD$9,899), an Ocean view cabin from S$14,745 (USD$10,799) and a Veranda cabin goes from S$21,435 (USD$15,699). 

Yes it might seem like a hefty sum at a glance, but if you think about it, that’s only around S$276/night per person , inclusive of luxury free-flow meals, 24/7 room service, and pretty worldly sights. That’s a confirm good deal if you ask me.

So what are you waiting for? This 49 day cruise departs on 23 March 2024 all the way until 11 May 2024, which gives you plenty of time to plan for this mega trip. 

Mark your calendars and get your well-deserved holiday as you prepare to set sail!

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