8 prettiest milk tea shade lip tints even BLACKPINK’s Jennie loves that you can get in Singapore

by Carol Ong

If you’re Singaporean or at least living in Singapore, you’ll probably know at least one person who’s nuts about milk tea — or you could very well be that milk tea enthusiast yourself. 

Not only is this milky and refreshing treat yummy for your tummy, it’s a ridiculously yummy colour for your lips too! 

For a muted nude lip (that doesn’t wash you out) with a hint of warm mauvy and brick tones, here are 8 prettiest milk tea shade lip tints that you can get in Singapore for a decadent pout.

1. Lizda Glow Fit Water Tint #01 Nude Mulley 

Lizda’s Glow Fit Water Tint in #01 Nude Mulley is really great for those who prefer a more glass-like finish for their milk tea lip. It’s also leaning more towards a subtle MLBB (read: my lips but better) look so if you’re looking for something more natural, this is probably the one to check out. 

milk tea lip shade lizda
Photo: @ujoonote/instagram

The formula of the lip tint is hydrating and moist, which will make your lips look uber juicy, healthy and kissable. 

Available on Shopee.

2. Nuegray Daily Mood Matte Liquid Tint #02 Brunch 

All the shades in Nuegray’s Daily Mood Matte Liquid Tint line are very beautifully muted and powdery soft, but the milk tea realness gets seriously delivered in #02 Brunch with its nude base and orangey-almond hue. 

milk tea lip nuegray
Photo: @maaanpouch/instagram

Though the tint has a matte finish, the formula is still light and moisturising, making it perfect for daily wear. 

Available on Shopee.

3. Hera Sensual Powder Matte #499 Rosy Suede 

Endorsed by BlackPink’s Jennie, I’m sure Hera’s Sensual Powder Matte collection needs little introduction since it’s already a crowd favourite for many k-beauty enthusiasts.

milk tea lip hera jennie rosy suede
Photo: Hera, Photo: @rimi_channel/instagram

Not only is the formula comfortable on the lips and gives off a gorgeous and velvety pout, you can also dab it on your cheeks for a healthy and subtle glow. 

For a blushed and summery milk tea shade, you have to check out #499 Rosy Suede (which also happens to be Jennie’s pick!). 

Available on Shopee.

4. Dasique Mood Glow Lipstick #1 Cream Sand 

Formulated with a variety of hydrating natural oils, Dasique’s Mood Glow Lipstick can be very easily mistaken for a lip balm.

For the lazy girls out there, this product makes it look like you’ve layered lip balm, lipstick and a gloss topper even though it’s actually just one application of this highly pigmented lipstick. 

milk tea lip dasique
Photo: @weareseoul/instagram

If you wanna rock an effortless and pouty milk tea lip look (Wonyoung vibes, anybody?), you should probably check out the product in #1 Cream Sand.

Available on Shopee.

5. Holika Holika Heart Crush Glow Tint #08 Cuddly 

With its adorable heart-shaped packaging, Holika Holika’s Heart Crush Glow Tint is already irresistible enough as is. 

milk tea lip holika holika
Photo: @rimi_channel/instagram

Now, throw in its lightweight and hydrating texture (which you don’t tend to get a lot in many creamy formulas!) and bewitching shade in #08 Cuddly (bonus points for the cute name!) and bam, it’s the perfect milk tea shade lippie that you gotta have in your bag. 

Available on Shopee.

6. Canmake Tokyo Stay On Balm Rouge T04 Chocolate Lily

This one’s more like a lip balm, which makes it really good for a clean girl look without forgoing our beloved milk tea shade. 

milk tea lip canmake tokyo
Photo: @tinyzakkaya_share/instagram

Moisturising, glowy and even providing UV protection (many of us neglect the lips when it comes to SPF!), Canmake Tokyo’s Stay On Balm Rouge in T04 Chocolate Lily also has really great colour pay-off, which can be a worry when it comes to balm products. 

I would also dab it on my cheeks for a healthy pop of colour when I’m going for a naturally flushed look. 

Available on Shopee.

7. Bobbi Brown Crushed Liquid Lipstick Haute Cocoa 

For those looking to sport a smudged lip look in a milk tea shade (all the rage on douyin right now!), check out Bobbi Brown’s Crushed Liquid Lipstick in Haute Cocoa (pretty, and witty too!). 

milk tea lip haute cocoa bobbi brown
Photo: @loveme_cosmetic/instagram

Though it’s a little bit on the pricier side, a little bit goes a really long way with this product. The formula is also hydrating so you don’t have to worry about unsightly cracked lips at the end of the day like many other liquid lipsticks.

Available on Sephora.

8. Artdeli Blurring Velvet Tint #03 Go To Lip Midnight Nudie 

Artdeli’s Blurring Velvet Tint is a pretty underrated product with not many Singaporeans knowing about the brand. 

This means you can possibly be the first among your friends to be sporting a lovely milk tea lip in the shade #03 Go To Lip Midnight Nudie (very apt name as it is indeed a go-to lip colour!)

milk tea lip artdeli
Photo: @minsh__/instagram

With a semi-matte formula that fills in all the gaps and crevices in the lines of your lips, this tint not only makes your lips appear plump and soft, but also significantly more youthful.

Available on Shopee.

Ready for some sweet and kissable milk tea lips? Time to start adding some of these selections to your cart!

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