Amorepacific has collaborated with BTS to release a limited edition gummy bear version of our beloved Laneige lip sleeping mask


Many of us are familiar with Laneige’s iconic water sleeping pack when we were all trying to achieve the glass skin look that many Korean celebrities like BTS and Blackpink sport, but did you know that you can have that bouncy glow for your lips as well? 

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For those of you who aren’t in on it yet, Laneige also has a lip sleeping mask (one of the best lip balms ever according to my beauty/skincare loving friends) that helps hydrate your lips while you snooze. Here’s some good news whether you’re an ARMY, skincare enthusiast or just someone in dire need of a good lip product — Amorepacific (the parent company behind Laneige) has collaborated with BTS to come up with a limited edition gummy bear-flavoured lip sleeping mask.

bts laneige amorepacific lip sleeping mask
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The product comes in a purple tub (most probably an ode to BTS’ signature colour) inspired by the boy group’s Permission To Dance on Stage tour. Simply slather on the lip sleeping mask before bed and give your lips a gentle brushing when you’re brushing your teeth in the morning after you wake up. After, you’ll enjoy lips that are smooth like butter, and it’s super satisfying. 

bts amorepacific lip sleeping mask
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I don’t know about you, but the gummy candy scent and purple hue remind me of one of my favourite childhood candies — the grape flavoured Hi-Chew. A word of warning to all, it might be tempting to lick them off your lips because of how yummy it smells, but make sure to resist that urge and leave them on if you want to see results.

Even though it is a leave-on lip sleeping mask, it’s been said that the product also works really well on the go as a lip balm (as I’ve mentioned above) or simply as a lip topper to add some shine to your look. As someone who drinks a lot of water throughout the night and doesn’t like products on my lips when I sleep, I’m probably going to use it more as a lip balm. 

bts amorepacific lip sleeping mask
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Another added plus to the BTS and Amorepacific collaboration lip sleeping mask is that it comes with a spooly (as with the original Laneige lip sleeping mask) which I can say for sure that many of us are thankful for. Double-dipping into skincare products with our bare fingertips can be unhygienic as it allows for bacteria to contaminate the rest of the product. 

If you’re looking for a more affordable lip product that can produce similar results, you can check out Vaseline’s Lip Therapy (you can find them in most drug stores like Watsons or Guardian). The only downside is that they don’t come with a spooly or many flavours. 

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Do note though, that there are only a limited amount of supplies for the exclusive BTS and Amorepacific collaboration, so grab yours quick before you see that dreaded ‘sold out’ tag. They’re not available in-stores in Singapore for now, but you can still cop them online on sites like Shopee and Amazon

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