New Crayon Shinchan movie releasing in theatres this September, tickets come with free merch

by Natalie Lim

Our childhoods were spent watching cartoon series such as Tom and Jerry, Pokemon, and even the surprisingly NSFC (Not Suitable For Children) Courage The Cowardly Dog. But undeniably, there was one cartoon character that stole our hearts — Crayon Shinchan, the mischievous but good-natured boy with iconic eyebrows.

And if you’d like to take a trip down memory lane, you’ll be glad to know that a new Crayon Shinchan animated film will be coming to theatres this September 2021. The movie, titled Crayon Shin-chan: Shrouded in Mystery! The Flowers of Tenkazu Academy” even comes with free merchandise for you to take home.

New Crayon Shin-chan: Shrouded in Mystery! The Flowers of Tenkazu Academy movie

Crayon Shin-chan: Shrouded in Mystery! The Flowers of Tenkazu Academy would be the 29th film produced by the company Shin-Ei Animation. 

The story begins with Shinnosuke (Shinchan) and his beloved friends going for a one-week stay in “Tenkatōitsu Kasukabe Private Academy”, an elite boarding school that is administrated by state-of-the-art AI.

crayon shinchan movie singapore
Photo: Anime News Network

Things seem pretty convivial at first — until someone attacks Kazama. As a result, his intelligence is reduced, and strange bite marks are left on his butt (of course).

In a bid to get their friend back to normal, the squad teams up with the school’s dropout student council president, Chishio Atsuki, to form a group of detectives and solve the mystery.

crayon shinchan movie singapore
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The new Crayon Shinchan movie will only debut in Singapore theatres on 9 September 2021, but it has been released in Japan since July 30. It was ranked #2 in the Japanese Box Office during its opening week and has earned 307,303,000 yen (~US$2.81 million) from just its opening weekend. 

How’s that for a cartoon film?

crayon shinchan movie singapore
Photo: MUSE 

If you simply cannot wait to see butt-naked Crayon Shinchan in a movie, you can sign up for the Fans’ Screening at Golden Village, happening only on 4 September 2021.

Besides getting to catch the flick early, the exclusive preview also comes with free merchandise such as a tote bag, an A4 clear file, a postcard, and a voucher for a special Crayon Shinchan drink at Yomie’s Rice x Yogurt. 

Tickets for this early screening will cost S$37 (S$35 for GV members).

Photo: MUSE

There’ll also be Crayon Shinchan character standees placed at Plaza Singapura, outside Golden Village’s movie theatre. Be sure to snap some pictures before heading in!

Now, if only we could bring in some Chocobi (チョコビ) to enjoy with our movie.

Get your tickets here

Crayon Shin-chan: Shrouded in Mystery! The Flowers of Tenkazu Academy movie
📍 Golden Village Plaza Singapura
🗓️ 4 September (Fans’ Screening), 9 September (Public)

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