Pokemon Centre SG releases Pikachu, Slowpoke & Piplup plushies so you can catch em’ all

by Natalie Lim

*Du du du du du* — a four-second healing sound effect ingrained in the minds of all Pokemon fans. After all, the Pokemon Centre is the place all Pokemon masters have visited countless times, just to soothe our little ones back to full Health Points (HP). 

For those who refuse to give up this part of your childhood, Pokemon Centre SG has just released Squishy Plushies, featuring classic Pokemons we all love. 

Squishy Plushies from Pokemon Centre SG

pokemon centre plushies
Photo: Pokemon Singapore

The series is titled Squishy Plush, with Pikachu, Slowpoke and Piplup leading the pack. 

Available in 35CM × 32CM × 30CM dimensions, these plushies are perfect for snuggling with or displaying on your couch. Whether it’s the ol’ Pikachu, lazy Slowpoke or the penguin-like Piplup you love, they’re here to blast Team Rocket off again.

Priced at S$60 each, these adorable babies are available at Pokémon Center Singapore and online at Pokémon Store Shopee Singapore.

pokemon centre plushies
Photo: Adapted from Pokemon Singapore

But if you’re a stuffed toy hoarder that already has gazillions of plushies on your bed, you can opt to get these Plush Keychains instead. Available at S$18, these pocket monsters can be hung on any backpack or key holder.

pokemon centre plushies
Photo: Pokemon Singapore

Other merchandise such as these sleepy, furry friends has been released too. To get your hands on them, visit Pokemon Centre Singapore or purchase them online from Pokémon Store Shopee Singapore.

With every minimum spend of S$40 on their Shopee store, you’re entitled to free shipping. 

More information can be found on Pokemon Singapore’s Facebook page.

Pokemon Centre Singapore
Facebook | Website
???? 78 Airport Boulevard, #04-201 & 202, Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore 819666
????️ 10am–10pm (Daily)

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