This bubble tea shop in Eunos is Doraemon-themed and sells drinks from only $2 a cup with free pearls

by Natalie Lim

Nostalgia is an overused word to describe our favourite childhood cartoons such as Pokemon, Spongebob, or even Crayon Shinchan. If it were up to us, we’d say that these short films were important parts of what shaped us as a person, today.

And if you’re a Doraemon fan who still prays that one day, a knight/robotic cat in shining armor would swoop down to save you from the harsh realities of life, you’ll love Qiu Qiu Tea, a Doraemon-themed bubble tea shop that has just opened in the East.

Doraemon-themed bubble tea shop in Eunos

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Photo: @qiu.qiu.tea/instagram

Located in Eunos, Qiu Qiu Tea is a humble store in an HDB estate. Painted with the mascot’s iconic shade of blue and yellow, the quirky establishment stands out amongst the neighbourhood stores.

Adorable Doraemon plushies and paintings welcome visitors in, and while there will be no gadgets to do your work for you, there’s a bubble tea menu that’ll provide the same amount of joy.

doraemon-themed Qiu Qiu Tea bubble tea 2
Photo: @qiu.qiu.tea/instagram

Unlike many other stores where a cup of bubble tea could cost you the same amount as a decent meal, prices at this Doraemon-themed shop start at only S$2.

Healthy alternatives such as Rosehip & Hibiscus (S$2), Peppermint (S$2), and Rooibos Caramel (S$2) provide a cooling refreshment during a humid day, while other options such as the Irish Cream Milk Tea (S$3) will satisfy those that prefer dairy in their beverages.

Photo: @qiu.qiu.tea/instagram

Other dairy choices include Hazelnut (S$3), Brown Sugar (S$3), and even Gula Melaka (S$3) Milk Tea, but daredevils can try their Mocktail Series instead.

The Mocktail Series has the likes of Mauritan Sunrise and Hawaiian Blue on its menu, and you have the option to include a mix of fruits in it or have it plain. Having the drink by itself costs S$3.50, while the addition of fruits will only set you back an extra S$0.50.

Photo: Qiu Qiu Tea

But perhaps the best part of this Doraemon-themed bubble tea shop is that it offers complimentary black pearls. There are other topping choices such as Konjac Jellies (S$0.50) and Coconut Jellies (S$0.50), which’ll probably go better with the fruity options.

For those living in the East, this may just be the cheapest bubble tea store in the area yet.

Qiu Qiu Tea
Facebook | Instagram
???? Blk 5 Eunos Crescent #01-2605B, Singapore 400005
????️ 10am–8pm (Daily)

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