10 coconut shakes that are perfectly refreshing for the hot weather

by Evan Mua
best coconut shakes singapore

Coconut Shakes are the newest, coolest drink that many Singaporeans have fallen in love with. Yes, Singaporeans still enjoy bubble tea, but these smooth, fragrant drinks have really gotten us smitten. Just look at some of the crazy queues for them.

Honestly, the drink is a match made in Heaven for Singapore’s weather that’s constantly in summer overdrive. Nothing beats a refreshing cup of Coconut Shake for cooling down.

Coconut shakes don’t just belong at beaches now, everybody wants a cup for those hot afternoons at home too. If you’re looking for that much-needed cooling blast, we compiled some of the most popular and trendiest coconut shakes in Singapore for you.

Mr Coconut

best coconuts shakes singapore mr coconut

Mr Coconut is the godfather of all Coconut Shakes in Singapore. They’ve already opened more than 30 outlets all around Singapore, and many of them are still drawing huge crowds.

If you need a refreshing drink, you can’t go wrong with their classic Coconut Shake (S$4.40/5.40). Made by blending their super fresh coconuts and creamy ice cream — it’s blissful sip after sip.

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The Whale Tea

best coconut shake singapore
Photo: The Whale Tea Singapore

The Whale Tea, a popular bubble tea brand, has also joined the party by launching its own range of cooling coconut-based drinks to help fight the unbearable heat and humidity,

There are currently 4 items in this series — regular Coconut Shake (S$4.40/S$5.40), Coconut Avocado Shake (S$5.90/S$6.90), Coconut Mango Shake (S$4.90/S$5.90), and Coconut Oreo Shake (S$4.90/S$5.90).

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best coconuts shakes singapore fruce
Photo: @fruce.sg/instagram

Fruce is a local brand that churns out some interesting fruit-based concoctions. Their main signatures revolve around avocado and coconut but with quirky little twists.

Instead of the typical coconut shakes, Fruce uses creamy avocados as the base in their Avocado Coconut (S$4.50). Alternatively, there’s the Taro Coconut (S$5) if you want something more like orh nee.

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best coconuts shakes singapore co nut ink
Photo: @jx_veg_journal/instagram

While Mr Coconut is probably Singapore’s biggest coconut shake brand, Co+Nut+Ink has international appeal. For those missing BKK, their coconut ice cream is actually prepared using the original Chatuchak recipe.

You can get a Coconut Shake from as low as S$3.80, or get the Red Ruby (S$4.50) if you fancy something special. If you fancy the flavours of Chatuchak, get the ice cream Classic Signature for S$5.50.

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Coconut Queen

Photo: Coconut Queen Singapore

Coconut Queen is one of the newer brands in Singapore, having just opened in June last year. But that also means they bring plenty of exciting new ideas to the table against all the competition.

You can find unique ingredients such as Earl Grey (S$5.80), Taro (S$5.80) Strawberry (S$6.20) or Banana (S$6.20) added into their Coconut Shake (S$5.20), whilst there’s also an extra refreshing Calamansi Coconut Juice (S$5.80) if you want something less heavy.

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Photo: Kookoonut

Kookoonut may not be a household name in Singapore’s coconut shake empire, but they have been churning out coconut shakes since mid-2021.

Kookoonut’s Coconut Shakes (S$4.70/S$5.70) are made using young coconuts from Ratchaburi, one of the best coconut plantations in Thailand. Expect uniquely flavoured drinks reminiscent of cocktails and coffee, like the Coconut Pina Colada Shake (S$5.50/S$6.50), Coconut Espresso Shake (S$5.90/S$6.90), and Fizzy Coco Sakura Peach (S$4.50/S$5.50).

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best coconuts shakes singapore cocoboss

Having previously operated out of a small retail space in Kovan with a focus on delivery, Cocoboss has expanded to an impressive 7 outlets over the span of a year.

They have plenty of quirky ideas, with a particularly interesting signature Roasted Coconut Shake (S$6.90). But you can also get Matcha and Cookies & Cream Coconut Shakes (all S$6.90).

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“Shiok shiok” is printed onto all the cups of Coconutnut — and they are right. There aren’t many things more shiok than a cup of their coconut shake in our weather.

Coconutnut’s creative twists on their classic Coconut Gelato Shake (S$4.50/S$5.50) include Gula Melaka (S$5.30/S$6.30) and even Soursop (S$5.70/S$6.70).

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Photo: @jxeats/instagram

Cococane is an interesting standout from this list — they don’t just sell coconut drinks but also sugar cane. If you want something extra refreshing, their Cococane (S$3.20/S$4.20), a unique mix of coconut and sugarcane juice, will hit the spot.

But if you gravitate towards traditional coconut shakes, they also serve Coconut Snowshakes (S$5). The shakes which can be customised with fruits such as Lychee (S$5.90) and Mango (S$6.20).

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My Little Coconut

Photo: @my_lil_coconut/instagram

My Little Coconut may not be as well-known as some other coconut shake brands in Singapore, but they boast a whopping fifteen outlets islandwide. Their specialty lies in Thai-style toppings, transporting you to The Land of Smiles.

You can pair their Coconut Shakes (S$4.20/S$5.20) with a myriad of unique toppings including Chendol, Red Ruby and Mango Konjac Pearl (+S$0.50).

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