There’s an adorable Eevee Dance Parade coming to Sentosa in December

by Evan Mua
eevee dance parade

Looking for something kawaii to brighten your year-end activities? Well, you can head down to Sentosa this December to take a peek at the adorable Eevee Dance Parade — the first in Singapore.

You’ll get to see 15 overgrown Eevees dance and shuffle right by the sea at Palawan Green, a joyous sight sure to amuse non-pokemon-fans while also bringing joy to pokemon fans and kids.

eevee dance parade
Photo: Sentosa Development Corporation

You’ll find the Eevee Parades happening at two slots per day, at 7pm and 8.30pm, over 2 weekends:

  • 10 Dec 2021 to 12 Dec 2021
  • 17 Dec 2021 to 19 Dec 2021.

Sentosa Islander Members can also get a sneak peek of the Eevee Dance Parade earlier on on 9th December 2021.

But those won’t be the last you see of Eevee because the adorable Eevees are coming back, evolved, from January to February 2022.

eevee dance parade
Photo: Sentosa Development Corporation

The 2022 Eevee Dance Parade will see the Eevees dressed in different ponchos that represent each of the 8 evolutions — you get to see the entire family without having to hurt your brain over which stone to use on your Eevee like when you were younger.

The Eevee Dance Parade with Evolution Ponchos will commence at 8pm on the following dates:

  • 29 Jan 2022 to 30 Jan 2022
  • 5 Feb 2022 6 Feb 2022
  • 12 Feb 2022 to 13th Feb 2022
  • Feb 2022 to 20 Feb 2022
eevee dance parade
Photo: Sentosa Development Corporation

You’ll have to grab your e-ticket through Sentosa’s Telegram chatbot here, with registration for December slots starting from 2nd December 2021 at 10am and the 2022 slots starting from 14th January 2022.

But you’re only entitled to register for one free ticket to the Eevee Dance Parade with a minimum spend of S$15 at any retail outlet, attraction, hotel or F&B at Sentosa Island. S$30 will entitle you to register for 2 but do note that each Telegram account will only be allowed to register for up to two tickets.

Photo: Sentosa Development Corporation

The Eevee Dance Parade isn’t the only thing Pokemon fans have on for them either! There will also be a digital Eevee Adventure Hunt around Sentosa Island from 29 Jan 2022 to 20 Feb 2022 where you can answer quizzed and complete missions to redeem exclusive prizes, including Eevee plushies.

Besides that, you can also look for the 6-metre tall inflatable Eevee for your photos while there will also be a Pokémon Center pop-up that comes packed with exclusive merch for sale.

Get more info on Sentosa’s Eevee Dance Parade here.

Eevee Dance Parade
Facebook | Instagram | Website
???? Palawan Green, Siloso Beach Walk
???? 7pm and 8:30pm (Dec), 8pm (Jan to Feb)

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*Top images from Sentosa Development Corporation

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