Furpal helps you meet & play with different dogs from huskies to old English sheepdogs on fun doggy playdates from $10

by Dawn Pillay

Having our own dog is something many of us might have dreamed of, especially for those of us who can’t resist these lovable goofy creatures. If you’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a dog, or if you’re longing to spend time with an adorable doggo, consider setting up fun doggy play dates with Furpal!

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It’s something like Tinder or Coffee Meets Bagel, but instead of looking for potential (human) dates, you’d be looking for potential doggy play dates with your favourite puppy.

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This is a simple way to spend time with these adorable creatures without having to worry about being unable to dedicate the amount of time, care and money needed for our dream fur baby. Or if our home situation just doesn’t allow for it with space constraints or family members (thanks Dad…) against the idea of having a dog in the house. 

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And if you’re feeling stressed, down or anxious, spending time with animals will help to improve your mood, and release ‘happy hormones’! Accordingly, petting animals helps to improve oxytocin levels (one of three naturally occurring hormones in the body – oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin – also known as ‘happy hormones’) which helps to decrease stress and anxiety levels. 

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Whether you just want to spend time with the cutest cuddly fur babies, or whether you’d like some ‘animal therapy’, get on Furpal, join as a Furfriend, connect with an owner and easily spend time with your furry new friend from S$10 per hour.

Alternatively, if you’re already living the dream with your very own man’s best friend, you can consider joining Furpal as an Owner

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Apart from letting your dog earn its keep (unlike my cats that only know how to eat and sleep all day) and some extra cash for his/her treats, allowing your dog to interact with new humans will help them to become more sociable and encourage good behaviour. 

Exposing them to more unfamiliar people will help them become more confident about their environment and the world around them, allowing them to learn that strangers are not to be afraid of.

Photos: @furpal.co/instagram

Doggy playdates will also help to keep them mentally and physically stimulated, and can help with the development of their health and confidence.

Whether you’re a dog lover or a dog owner, Furpal is an interesting (and safe) platform to connect with potential fur friends and new friends.

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