This $420 Dog Cruise entitles you, your +1 and doggo to a 3-course meal on the Royal Albatross

by Natalie Lim

You may love your dog enough to get them treats, send them to grooming spas, or even bring them along for a staycation. But only the ultimate pawrents will send their doggos on a Dog Cruise on the Royal Albatross.

The Royal Albatross is no stranger to hopeless romantics. After all, it has been used for date nights, special occasions and even proposals — how can you say “no” when you’re onboard a luxurious tall ship that sails right into the sunset?

And now, you get to shower pupper with the same intense amount of love.

A luxurious dog cruise on the Royal Albatross

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Sure, S$420 seems like an exorbitant price to pay for a cruise. But you’ll get to bring a +1 along so it’s a complete family outing. Besides, it’s not every day that your doggo can enjoy the life of a Beverly Hills Chihuahua, and feel the sea breeze ruffling against its soft, bootiful fur.

The cruise will last for two and a half hours, and the package comes with a Welcome mocktail, a three-course gourmet dinner for hoomans and furkids, free-flow soft drinks, dog activities and some surprise trits for pupper. 

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Dinner for the hoomans includes a Starter (Mini Baguette or Mini Brioche Roll, served with butter), an Appetiser (Escabeche of Octopus and Prawn with Verde Sauce and Beetroot Relish Salad or Burrata Salad and, a Main Course selection of Cajun Style Marinated Chicken Au Jus, Pan Seared Barramundi, Oven Baked Portobello Mushroom Stuffed with Vegan Meat or, an Oven-Baked Lasagna. 

For Dessert, you can choose between the Petit Fours (Sea Salt Chocolate Caramel Tart, Vanilla Creme Brulee, Macaroon) or the Seasonal Fruit Platter. 

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Let’s not forget about pupper. Prepared by BOM BOM, a pet food company specialising in customised meals for pets, the three-course gourmet meal on the Royal Albatross Dog Cruise is made with all-natural ingredients and is guaranteed to put a smile on that floofy, adorable face. 

A special baby chair will be provided for all dogs while they enjoy an Appetiser of Poached Chicken Fillet with Julienne Carrots with Peas, a Main Course of Confit of Salmon Fillet, Steamed Pumpkin and Broccoli Florets and, some homemade biscuits for dessert

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However, we regret to inform you that only the goodest bois are allowed on the Royal Albatross Dog Cruise. Dogs with aggressive tendencies or who are easily stressed will not be suitable. As a precaution, the Dog Cruise has teamed up with Sunny Chong Dog Training School to provide a complimentary “interview” at the owner’s home, their training center, or before boarding to check your furkid’s suitability. If your furkid is deemed unsuitable, you’ll be refunded according to the Dog Cruise’s policy.

Plus, the current Dog Cruise is a Small Dogs Edition, which means that only smol puppers under 10KG are allowed. Sorry Chonkos )’: 

The Royal Albatross Dog Cruise will set sail every Wednesday from May 2021 and starts at 6.30PM. Tickets are already selling out fast.

To book your slot, click here

Or, settle for a simple day out at this pet-friendly cafe.

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