Golden Village Singapore to launch an interactive movie that lets you control the story from $13

by Natalie Lim

Late Shift, an interactive movie experience, will be launched in Golden Village cinemas on 22 April 2021

Black Mirror’s “Bandersnatch” episode probably came to mind when you read this headline — and you’re absolutely spot on. Developed by CtrlMovie, “Late Shift” is the world’s first-ever cinematic experience that allows its audience to choose the fate of the on-screen protagonist, using an app. 

Golden Village’s first-ever interactive movie

Golden Village Interactive Movie 1
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The audience will be in control of the adaptable storylines and have 180 choice points to play with. This will lead to one of the seven conclusions, which really mimics decision-based gaming. 

The plot follows Matt Thompson, a college student who works as a parking lot attendant. One night, he finds himself tangled in London’s criminal underworld when he is forced to work with a group of armed robbers.

Golden Village Interactive Movie 2
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Along the way, he ends up befriending, possibly romantically, one of the members of the group. Since the player’s choice influences the events of the game, this will result in different fates for Matt and his beau.

Golden Village Interactive Movie 3
Photo: instagram/@vitalli_lubenskyi_plays

If you’re worried about the decision-making process dragging the movie, you’ll be glad to know that the presentation doesn’t pause during choice selection.

Instead, viewers must react in real-time. Some may argue that this would make the option selection too hurried but hey, you don’t have much time to think about things when you’re really in danger anyway.

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To take part in this Golden Village interactive movie, all you have to do is download the CtrlMovie app and scan the QR code shown on the cinema screen.

Options will pop up on the movie screen when it’s time to make a decision, and viewers can then select an option via the app. However, since you’re watching the movie with other viewers, the majority vote will be taken into account. 

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Screenings for Golden Village’s interactive movie will start on 22 April at GV Funan, GV Plaza and GV Suntec City. Weekday tickets are sold at S$13, while weekend tickets will go for S$15.

But if you’re a hardcore Bandersnatch fan, you may opt to splurge on the Gold class preview session (S$95 for GV members, S$98 for members of public). The screening takes place on 20 April and will include a three-course meal from One Faber Group’s Arbora Hilltop Garden & Bistro and Dusk Restaurant & Bar.

The first two courses will be served in the Gold class lounge, while dessert will be delivered to you during the movie — try not to drop anything when an option selection suddenly pops up on-screen.

Here’s the menu for the three-course meal.

Appetiser: Arbora Signature Chilli Crab Potato Skins
Main: Coq au Vin. Red Wine Braised Chicken with Mushroom & Root Vegetables, Truffle potatoes
Dessert: Dark Chocolate Ice Cream with Salted Chocolate & Vanilla Ivory Cream Meringue, Wafer & Fresh Berries
Drinks: Chivas HiBalls

To encourage the audience to try for different endings, viewers who present their “Late Shift” stubs or e-tickets can redeem discounted movie tickets from GV. 

To book your tickets for the Gold class preview session, click here.

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