Grab Everything Under $11 Deals with 1-for-1 McSpicy, 50% off Don Don Donki and more

Grab Everything Under $11

Most of us enjoy the convenience of getting our food delivered (like my go-to favourite Clam Chowder Salad Set from Soup Spoon) – whether you’re too busy working from home to cook a meal, or if you’re simply craving something but don’t have the time (or the will) to head out and get it. 

It’s a good thing that Grab’s Everything under $11 deals are here from now to 12 June, offering huge savings and great deals from both GrabFood and GrabMart.

Grab Everything Under $11 Deals
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They’ve got meals as low as S$5 to a wide selection of meals all under S$11 and 28% off menu-wide for selected merchants on Super Brand Days… 

We can enjoy getting our food delivered while saving money on our usual takeaways, and even try something new. Here’s a glimpse at some of the Everything under $11 deals to look out for!

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McDonald’s® (S$17 S$8.50) 
If you’re a McSpicy fan, you won’t want to miss this 1-for-1 McSpicy® Extra Value Meal deal! 

The Soup Spoon (S$19.90 S$9.95)
I love my Soup Spoon meals, so this 50% off their SouperValue Grab Set is extra, extra tempting. 

COLLIN’S® (S$21.80 S$10.90)
In the mood for western food? Order a Signature Grilled Chicken Chop Set and enjoy 50% off! 

A-One Signature (S$17.90 S$8.88)
If you’re hankering for a hearty bowl of porridge or easy-to-eat fried rice, enjoy 50% off when you choose between the Sesame Oil Chicken Porridge Set or Yang Zhou Fried Rice Set.

Grab Everything Under $11 Deals
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EAT. (S$10.10 S$5)
Craving some local favourites? Bite into satisfaction with 50% off EAT.’s Lor Mee Set

Maki-San (S$13.10 S$6.55)
Some days, we just want to eat clean (or light) and this Little San Sushi Bundle is a good choice for days like these with 50% off too. 

Don Don Donki (S$12.80 S$6.40)
People who love their gyozas would definitely appreciate a deal from Don Don Donki with 50% off 16 pieces of Pork Gyozas

There are more deals and exclusive promos available on your now. Easily get all your meals sorted out with these affordable prices, check them out and never eat the same thing twice with Grab’s Everything Under $11 deals!

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