i Light Singapore is back with their magical and sustainable light art festival this June at Marina Bay

i light singapore

Today, we’re celebrating the news that i Light Singapore is finally back this year from 3 to 26 June at Marina Bay!

I still remember the first time we caught this light art festival back in 2010, and I was blown away by the fascinating light installations. 

i light singapore
Photo: @jiashengphoto/instagram, @andrewtfotografie/instagram

From the numerous glowing and interactive artworks to a special exhibition that projected moving images onto the water that looked like there were mythical sea creatures swimming below the surface – i Light Singapore has always exuded an irresistible sense of magic and wonder for many of us. Not to mention, the photos/videos taken look great on our socials too. 

Photos: @minatowen/instagram, @caveman_sean/instagram

Also known as Asia’s leading sustainable light art festival, highlighting the importance of art and sustainability, this festival was unfortunately put on pause (no thanks to COVID-19) since its last edition in 2019. 

i light singapore
Photos: @jackywinsonisme/instagram, @arahim/instagram

Seeing as we’ve had a couple of years stuck in what seemed like an endless loop of lockdowns and social distancing measures, this is the perfect opportunity to rediscover that little bit of magic and explore the imaginative installations on display at i Light Singapore.

Photos: @dhkyl/instagram, @judy.k.suh/instagram

“Themed Spark of Light, the 2022 edition will kick off with the colour that has the shortest wavelength – violet. Embodying the most powerful electromagnetic energy in the visible light spectrum, violet is a colour that signifies creativity by awakening our senses, akin to the spark of an idea in one’s mind.”

Photos: @tilt_lightart/instagram, @chris.mueller.foto/instagram

Local and international artists have responded to the theme with creative interpretations to be displayed at the festival, although most of the information about the programmes isn’t available yet. Still, you can already look forward to one of the exhibitions, Lightwave: Isle of Light. Located at Marina Bay Lower Boardwalk, make your way over a specially constructed floating platform on the water with five unique zones featuring radiant light art showcases

i light singapore
Photos: @tgxleon/instagram, @arahim/instagram

Great for families, friends or couples on date night, mark your calendars and don’t forget to have a magical time at i Light Singapore sometime this June!

i light singapore
Photos: @danamicorg/instagram, @jackywinsonisme/instagram

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