Just opened: Inside Scoop celebrates 1 month with free ice cream scoops

by Evan Mua
inside scoop singapore free ice cream

So here’s the Inside Scoop—the artisanal ice cream café at North Bridge Road is offering free ice cream today 5th March.

inside scoop singapore free ice cream
Photo: @insidescoopsg/instagram

It’s been a month since they opened on 5th February. In celebration of that, they will be offering one scoop of ice cream to all members of the public.

It will be available from 12:30pm onwards until they run out, totalling about 800 scoops. Each person is only entitled to one scoop.

inside scoop singapore free ice cream
Photo: @insidescoopsg/instagram

If you didn’t know, Inside Scoop is actually one of the biggest ice cream franchises in Malaysia with 26 outlets. The North Bridge Road outlet is their first foray into Singapore.

What makes Inside Scoop such a standout from the competitors is the brightly coloured-décor. The main colour is a vibrant yellow and some potted plants add a splash of green contrast.

Photo: @insidescoopsg/instagram

Besides which, there are great OOTD props such as the very eye-catching swing and fluorescent tubes in the background.

Above all, it’s a cool post-dinner chillout spot for Fridays and Saturdays, since they open late till 12am.
Ice cream lovers would also be excited to here that Inside Scoop’s Singapore outlet makes all their ice cream daily in-house.

Photo: @insidescoopsg/instagram

You can get single scoops for S$4.80, double scoops for S$8.30, and triple scoops for S$11.50. There’s a small top-up of S$1 for premium flavours and S$2 for double premium flavours.

Many of the ice cream flavours at Inside Scoop are very Asian-inspired. For example, some Southeast Asian influences can be found in flavours such as the exotic D24 Durian, Teh Tarik, and Cempedak.

inside scoop singapore free ice cream
Photo: @alhsx/instagram

Besides that, you can find more Japanese flavours such as Genmaicha w/ Chocolate Feuillitine, Houjicha, Matcha, and a beautifully-patterned Marbled Sesame.

If you want more safe choices, you can also find more conventional flavours at Inside Scoop. These include Sicilian Pistacho, Strawberry & Cream, and Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake.

Photo: @yongweikai/instagram

For waffles to pair with your ice cream, there’s a choice of Signature Buttermilk (S$7) and Charcoal (S$6).
Caramel is poured over the side, then a slight dusting of icing sugar, and then they add some ice cream cone chunks.

If you’re an ice cream fan don’t miss the chance to get your free scoop of ice cream. It’ll be interesting to see what flavours Inside Scoop will be giving out, since they said they’ll be giving out their best flavours.

Inside Scoop
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