Pooh-themed Hundred Acre Creamery’s gelato will make you “rumbly in your tumbly”

by Evan Mua
hundred acre creamery

Did you grow up loving Winnie the Pooh and wish to experience the sweet tranquility of the Hundred Acre Wood in real life? Hundred Acre Creamery was made for you.

hundred acre creamery winnie the pooh
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The husband and wife behind Hundred Acre Creamy are Pooh lovers. When they opened the cafe, they decided to centre the theme around the lovable bear.

It’s meant to be where friends gather to enjoy each other’s company and ice cream, a childhood favourite treat. Just like Pooh and the squad at the Hundred Acre Woods—hence the name and decor.

Photo: @kevin_the_hiak/instagram

Sure, almost every gelato shop is decked in floral and pastels nowadays but Hundred Acre Creamery’s Pooh quotes add a warm wholesome touch to the whole space.

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Like most places, they have a rotating selection of flavours. Prices are S$3.80 for Single Scoops and S$7 for Double Scoops. Additional charges are at S$1 for Premium and S$1.50 for Gourmet flavours.

The biggest selling point is their integration of Asian elements into many of their flavours, particularly Vietnamese. An example is their rich Ca Phe, premium Vietnamese coffee.

hundred acre creamery dal salat
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Another special creation is the signature Da Lat (S$9). Its a unique, silky blend of coconut sorbet and avocado cream, inspired by their trip to a Vietnamese city.

Fans of gelato places like Birds of Paradise would also appreciate the floral varieties such as their Honey Chrysanthemum & Cocoa Nibs and Peach Basil.

In addition, Hundred Acre Creamery has also churned out innovative ideas including Lilac Taro, Soursop Mint, and Thai Tea Lychee.

Photo: @hundredacre.sg/instagram

You can either get a Rosemary Cone (S$1) to go with your gelato or opt for a Waffle at S$6.

Photo: @hundredacre.sg/instagram

However, if you want a waffle with a twist, go for their Coco Pandan (S$10). A special combo served with coconut sorbet, coconut pandan waffle, and a side of gula melaka sauce.

Besides all the ice cream, one unique selling point of Hundred Acre Creamery is their Viet Coffee (S$4.50/hot, S$5.50/iced). Very few cafes in Singapore sell this, so it’s a rare chance to savour it.

Overall, Hundred Acre Creamery does well to differentiate themselves from the competition. Gelato places are a dime a dozen, but their concept and strong flavour innovation gives them an edge.

Hundred Acre Creamery

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