BKK’s Ratchada Train Night Market is back as JODD FAIRS, mark your itineraries for when Thailand’s VTL opens

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Amidst the news surrounding Bangkok’s Ratchada Train Night Market closure, it’s now been officially announced via Facebook that it has returned as JODD FAIRS : จ๊อดแฟร์ — going by a different name, but pandering to your same lust for eating, shopping, and just basking in the nightlife.


Once the VTL between Singapore and Thailand gets reinstated, we’re quite confident that you’ll want to add this train night market to your itineraries. Here’s what you need to know about the newly-rebranded attraction:

It will still serve favourites like Volcano Ribs, Watermelon Smoothies, Leng Saap & others

Photo: @JoddFairs/facebook
Train Night Market
Photo: @JoddFairs/facebook

Amongst the popular night market eats, the uniquely Thai dish — Leng Saap — is also available. The iconic heaping mountain of pork spine in broth is hard to miss, and you’ll be able to feast on an authentic version of it once more.

Photo: @JoddFairs/facebook

It’s located at Phra Ram 9 train station

Train Night Market
Photo: @Im.amijan/facebook

Right behind Central Rama 9, Jodd Fairs is a mere 4 minutes’ walk from Phra Ram 9 train station.

It’s open daily

Train Night Market
Photo: @JoddFairs/facebook

Yes, you don’t have to navigate the tricky hours of night market openings, or have to worry about planning your travel dates around this market. Because it’s open daily from 11am to midnight, you can pop in almost anytime you feel like, and even make multiple trips back.

There will be live music

Train Night Market
Photo: @JoddFairs/facebook

From an image posted today (1 Dec 2021), it appears that live bands are back in full swing, which means you’ll be able to enjoy the familiar sounds of Bangkok night markets once more — especially in case you’ve forgotten what live music sounds like.

Jodd Fairs
Facebook | Instagram
???? Rama IX Rd, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand
???? 11am–Midnight (Daily)

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