Jollibee Singapore now sells a new breakfast menu of pancakes & sandwiches from S$4.50

by Vera

As if Jollibee wasn’t already a gift to the +65, they’re now blessing us even further with breakfast options so that we can wave our favourite bee-person-mascot good morning. This new breakfast menu is available only at selected Jollibee outlets and breakfast hours are from 9am to 11am daily.

Photo: Jollibee Singapore

There are currently three breakfast options to select from, and all meals are served with a comforting cup of Jollibee’s Hot Choco and a hash brown. The Pancake Sandwich Value Meal (S$4.50) sees turkey bacon, a slice of cheese, and a fried egg wedged between two soft, fluffy buns — the perfect option for quick pick ups in the morning.

There are two pancake platters for your choosing — the Pancake Platter with Turkey Bacon (S$6.80) and Pancake Platter with Chicken Sausage (S$6.80). Both offer affordable breakfast selections that boast variety without breaking the bank, and if there’s anything that Singaporeans love more than value, it’s value that’s downright delicious.

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From the looks of it, it appears that extra garlic rice can be added on if you fancy an uber-Asian start to your day.

The new breakfast menu is available for dine-in and takeaway, in keeping with the current COVID-19 restrictions, of course. Alternatively, have it delivered right to you on GrabFood, foodpanda, or deliveroo for a tasty boost to your work from home days.

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