KFC Golden Durian Mochi Balls’ D24 fillings will make durian lovers drool

by Evan Mua
kfc golden durian mochi balls

Everyone loves KFC for their crispy fried chicken skin. But would it pique your interest if instead of chicken, they fried… Durian? If you said yes, KFC’s Golden Durian Mochi Balls might be just what you need.

KFC first teased their followers with a cryptic image of a pile of durian seeds stacked to the brim of a KFC bucket. “Coming soon” — the image said.

But many followers were not convinced and called it out as an April Fool’s joke.

But KFC got the last laugh, as they announced their Durian Mochi Balls will be launched on 7th April 2021. It will be going at S$3.45 for 5 pieces.

kfc  golden durian mochi balls

These D24-Durian-filled treats will be available at all KFC outlets islandwide, except at Singapore Zoo. Besides that, they will also be available for takeway and KFC delivery.

You must be wondering what these Durian Mochi Balls from KFC are supposed to be. These little golden balls are supposed to be a combination of chewy mochi and molten D24.

Photo: @jingeats/instagram

The Golden Durian Mochi Balls aren’t technically new to KFC though. Our neighbours up north in Malaysia already had a taste of them last year.

They are siimilarly filled with molten D24, and the taste has been described to be slightly sweet. So, maybe not quite the complex flavour bomb.

But that doesn’t mean durian lovers can’t enjoy these Durian treats nonetheless. Try it yourself when it drops on 7 April!

Tango Spice Chicken

kfc golden durian mochi balls tango spice chicken

Besides the Golden Durian Mochi Balls, KFC is also launching another new item on their menu. It’s a brand new fried chicken flavour — Tango Spice.

These were already launched yesterday on 5 April. They are now available at $3.65 per piece a la carte, and from $8.95 for a two-piece meal.

KFC marinates the tango spice in a spicy chimichurri . The sauce is classic Argentinean dressing used with grilled meats such as steaks. Its made with ingredients like garlic, chilli pepper and vinegar.

KFC’s serves this Tango Spice rendition with a touch of paprika seasoning and zesty lime.

So if you’re looking for the next exciting new thing to try — KFC has you covered with their Golden Durian Mochi Balls. Thank God for KFC, because not many places do novelty items quite like they do.

KFC Golden Durian Mochi Ball
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???? All KFC outlets except Singapore Zoo
????️ Launches on 7 Apr 2021

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