Snuggle with adorable rescue kitties at Singapore’s first kitten nursery and kindergarten for just S$20

by Carol Ong

One of the reasons that make me proud of being a Singaporean is how well we take care of our animals — even the stray cats around our neighbourhoods. In almost every HDB estate, you’ll see bowls of kibble and water laid out for the community cats, and some people even buy cat beds and use boxes to create makeshift ‘cat houses’ for these furry little residents. 

And in return, many of these community cats help us destress after a long day of work and school by allowing us pets and rubbing against our legs to show their gratitude and affection — did you know that this helps to release mood-boosting chemicals in our brains like dopamine and serotonin? So it definitely seems like we’ve got a pretty good system going on here (it’s a win-win!). 

kitten sanctuary singapore
Photo: @feliseeeeee/instagram

If you love cats, kittens and all the happiness that they bring, head on down to Kitten Sanctuary Singapore — Singapore’s first ever kitten nursery and kindergarten where you’ll be able to interact with these little babies for just S$20 an hour

kitten sanctuary singapore
Photo: @zjiasi/instagram, @gaele_l/instagram

Located just a short walk from The Cat Museum, this non-profit organisation houses a myriad of kittens and cats — all with their own unique personalities. As you interact with them, you’ll find that they’re all well-socialised and well-behaved — this is because the volunteers running the place dedicate themselves to taking care of the kitties well, so they’re all comfortable, safe and happy. 

kitten sanctuary singapore
Photo: Kitten Sanctuary Singapore 

Who knows — you might even be one of the lucky ones to meet your furry little soulmate here! Other than being a sanctuary for the rescue cats, the Kitten Sanctuary is also a place where you can adopt a new member for your family. 

kitten sanctuary singapore
Photo: The Cat Museum 

For first time owners, don’t panic — the volunteers will be there every step of the way to coach and guide you through everything you need to know before welcoming home your new kitty. 

kitten sanctuary singapore
Photo: Kitten Sanctuary Singapore 

Ready to get up close and personal with these cuddly kitties? Limited slots are available daily, so it’s best to make an appointment via their website before heading down! 

Kitten Sanctuary Singapore
Facebook | Instagram | Website
📍 737A North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198705
🕦 11am–12pm, 7pm–8pm (Tue to Thu), 11am–12pm (Fri), 10.30am–11.30am, 12pm–1pm, 2.30pm–3.30pm, 4pm–5pm (Sat and Sun), closed on Mon

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