McDonald’s brings back HERSHEY’S ice cream, & has new mango pie from 4 Nov

by Vera

It’s debatable that the golden arches might just be the most popular fast food brand around — and for good reason. It continues to give the people what they want, which includes bringing back old favourites that some never thought they’d see again. Aside from catapulting the HERSHEY’S ® line of desserts back into its come back, McDonald’s is also launching an all-new mango pie to serve as a tangy sweet treat after your meal.

HERSHEY’S ® McFlurry® Series

HERSHEY’S ® McFlurry® (S$3)

HERSHEY’S mcflurry
Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

Mudpie McFlurry® (S$3.30)

HERSHEY’S mudpie mcflurry
Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry® (S$3.30)

Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

HERSHEY’S ® Sundae Series

HERSHEY’S ® Hot Fudge Sundae (from S$2.40)

HERSHEY’S sundae
Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

HERSHEY’S ® Strawberry Sundae (from S$2.40)

HERSHEY’S strawberry sundae
Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

HERSHEY’S ® Cone Series

HERSHEY’S ® Cone (from S$1.40)

Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

Twist Cone (from S$1.40)

Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

ChocoCone (from S$1.60)

Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

Mango Pie (from S$1.40)

Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

Longstanding fans of the big M will recognise that every once in a while, the fast food brand launches a special edition pie that continues to test the limits of what, well, can be put in pies. Avid pie buffs might remember the blueberry cream cheese, creamy chicken, chocolate, taro, white chocolate strawberry, banana, peach, and mango passionfruit just to name a few.

Now, they’re ready to tropic like it’s hot with the refreshing Mango Pie (from S$1.40) that’s stuffed with bits of nata de coco.

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