Mcdonald’s McGriddles and Chocolate Pies return as ALL-DAY menu items on 4th March

by Natalie Lim

Your new year’s resolution for weight loss can wait—our beloved McGriddles and Chocolate Pies from Mcdonald’s will be back on the menu from 4th March

The Sausage McGriddles is a beautiful marriage of sweet and savoury, and it has captured the hearts of many Singaporeans. Soft, pillowy pancake buns drizzled with maple syrup, sandwiching a spiced-ladened chicken sausage that has a nice bite. 

The return of this baby in 2020 sent Singaporeans into a frenzy, with snaking long queues outside of all Mcdonald’s outlets, all for a taste of this highly-coveted breakfast item.

Mcdonalds McGriddles 1
Photo: Mcdonald’s

But this time, we’re here with better news—the Sausage McGriddles (S$4.50) and Sausage McGriddles with Egg (S$5.40) will be available as an all-day menu item, so you’ll be able to get it at any time of the day.

Mcdonalds McGriddles 2
Photo: Mcdonald’s

For something truly sinful, try the McGriddles Stack (S$6.20). It’s packed with maple-flavoured griddle cakes, two chicken sausage patties, melted cheese, a sunny-side-up egg and crisp chicken bacon. 

Mcdonalds McGriddles 3
Photo: instagram/@weijjian

To hype it up further, Mcdonald’s rich, decadent Chocolate Pie (S$1.50) from 2018 will grace the menu once again. The thin, crispy pastry shell which holds molten chocolate lava will definitely be worth those calories. 

Photo: Mcdonald’s

If that’s not enough for the chocolate-addicts, the KITKAT McFlurry (S$3) will also be relaunched on the menu.

For those that simply must have it all, there’s also a McGriddles Feast that includes the Sausage McGriddles with Egg, Chocolate Pie, French-Fries (M) and Coke (M) from S$7.50

The McGriddles Feast is available from 4 March at all restaurants, via McDelivery®, GrabFood and FoodPanda, while stocks last.

Photos: McDonald’s

However, we all know good things must come to an end. Though our favourite items will not stay forever, each McGriddles Feast comes with a set of exclusive McGriddles stickers, so you can forever immortalize your love for the burger. 

Photo: Mcdonald’s

To celebrate the excitement further, enjoy exclusive deals this month on My McDonald’s App, including an All Day $3 McGriddles with Egg deal on 8 March and 1-for-1 deals on your favourite breakfast items like the Sausage McMuffin® with Egg, Breakfast Wrap Chicken Sausage and many more.

Here’s the full list of promotional exclusively on McDonald’s app:

8 March: $3 Sausage McGriddles with egg (with any purchase)
8 – 31 March: $1 Cappuccino, Latte or Iced Latte (with any purchase)
15 – 17 March: 1-for-1 Sausage McMuffin with egg
22 – 24 March: 1-for-1 Breakfast wrap with chicken sausage

All deals are available while stocks last.

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