Muchachos 1-for-1 Burrito promo to celebrate National Burrito Day

by Evan Mua
muchachos 1-for-1 burrito promo

Muchachos has a 1-for-1 Burritos promo for all Burrito lovers on 1 April! Some will wonder what’s the special occasion — no, it’s not an April Fool’s prank. It’s National Burrito Day.

Is that a real thing? I don’t know, but I won’t complain if I get a free Burrito from it.

So what do Muchachos have in store for their 1-for-1 National Burrito Day deal? You can buy 1 burrito and get another cheaper one for free.

Alternatively, you can get 1 Burrito and 1 beer from Muchachos’ interesting beer selection. If beer ain’t your thing, then you can get a drink of your choice — just not the Frozen Margaritas. Hey, those are expensive.

However, as cool as the deal sounds, bear in mind that it’s are only available for dine in and takeaway. It does not apply to delivery.

muchachos 1-for-1 burrito

Furthermore, Muchachos is not just launching the 1-for-1 deal to celebrate National Burrito Day. You either go big or go home, and they are going bigno filthy tacos or quesadillas will be seen at Muchachos on National Burrito Day. Don’t even taco bout them.

All that talk of 1-for-1 burritos must make you wonder what Muchachos actually has on their menu.

muchachos 1-for-1 burrito steak burrito

First up, you have the standard Carne Asada (S$13.50), or Steak Burrito. It comes packed with an overflowing glut of rice, beans and, most importantly, chunky steak.

You can top up S$2.40 to add some creamy guac to give it some refreshing avocado smoothness.

If you’re a beef lover looking for another burrito at Muchachos for your 1-for-1, consider the California Burrito (S$13.50). You get the same beefy goodness but with fries added to it for some carby heartiness.

Photo: @foodballball/instagram

Otherwise, the Carnitas or Pork Burrito (S$12) is a good alternative that comes with succulent-looking slices of shredded pork. I don’t have beef with the steak burritos but sometimes I just want a bit of juicy pork in my burritos.


But if the traditional stuff don’t tickle your fancy, maybe the Breakfast Burrito (S$13.50) would. Who doesn’t love some comfort breakfast components like hash browns, eggs, and bacon?

Photo: @xo.burrito/instagram

Ok, so you got your 1-for-1 Burritos with Muchachos. Now you want something to break the monotony of a pure burrito feast. Fret not, their enticing sides will still be available.

For example, the Carne Asada Fries (S$15) is a combination of guacamole, sour cream, cheese, and steak if you’re looking for some fuss-free decadence. But the Buffalo Wings (S$12) could be an interesting, and meatier, proposition.

Ultimately, Muchachos 1-for-1 Burrito deal is an absolute steal which Mexican food lovers shouldn’t miss out on. What’s more, it’s just in time for a sinful feast to kickstart the long weekends.

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