Say bye bye to McDonald’s Spicy McNuggets with 50% off 9pc meals

by Evan Mua
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The day many of us have dreaded is here — McDonald’s is removing their Spicy McNuggets from the menu. We know what we’re gonna do — binge on some of these spicy babies before they are gone.

Thankfully, McDonald’s knows how hard it is to handle a breakup like this. So to facilitate a smoother farewell, McDonald’s will be offering as much as 50% off 9pc Spicy McNuggets Extra Value Meals via McDelivery from 12 April onwards.

Furthermore, McDonald’s will also offer 25% off bundle meals for dine-in and takeaway orders.

We don’t know when but it is probably going to happen sometime in April. That’s when we pay our respects to McDonald’s as our dear Spicy McNuggets RIP — rest in pieces.

mcdonald's spicy mcnuggets gone singapore
Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

Update: McDonald’s has launched their Night Fest promo. To enjoy the promo, you have to register an account and subscribe to McDelivery Inbox Treat.

You will receive a promo code for the deals closer to the promos, which are for McDelivery only. But note that the deals require a minimum of $10 spend (excluding delivery charges) and only one promo code may be used per order.

McDelivery Night Fest promos12pm–5:45pm6pm–1:30am
12–15 April 2021S$2 off 9pc Spicy McNuggets Extra Value Meal (U.P. S$8.90) with any purchase. Use “SPC9EVM”.Extra Value Meal at 50% off with any purchase. Use “SPC9EVMOFF”.

The first week’s promos will be focused on Spicy McNuggets, since they are facing impending extinction.

mcdonald's spicy mcnuggets gone singapore night fest
Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

The subequent weeks of McDelivery Night Fest offers will include more Spicy McNuggets deals, including the ultimate indulgence of 2pcs McNuggets for a proper goodbye.

Besides the Spicy McNuggets deals, they will also be offering free burgers during the day between 12pm to 5:45pm. Talk about value.

McDelivery Night Fest promos12pm–5:45pm6pm–1:30am
19 to 22 April 2021FREE McSpicy with any purchase.9pc Spicy McNuggets and 9pc Chicken nuggets at 50% off (U.P. S$13.60) with any purchase.
26 to 28 April 2021FREE Filet-O-Fish with any purchase.20pc Spicy McNuggets at 50% off (U.P. S$13.80) with any purchase.
mcdonald's spicy mcnuggets singapore 2021

If you haven’t had these spectacular babies before, you shouldn’t miss out. You can take advantage of McDonald’s deals for the Spicy McNuggets so you don’t have to live with the eternal shame of missing out. FOMO is real, guys.

Compared to the originals, McDonald’s managed to load the Spicy McNuggets with a strong peppery punch.

They feel a bit more tender to the bite as well, and are equally great when dunked into the signature curry sauce.

mcdonald's spicy mcnuggets potato wedges singapore 2021
Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

In place of that, McDonald’s will be bringing back their potato wedges to replace the Spicy McNuggets. These chunky pieces of potato will go great with some of the meatier burgers on their menu.

While a lot of our favourite items disappear off the menu periodically, McDonald’s always comes up with other items to pull us back in. And we all know eventually McDonald’s will bring back the Spicy McNuggets!

mcdonald's spicy mcnuggets singapore 2021

However, if you really crave some of that tender McNugget action, we will always have the classics there for us. The loyal friend which never leaves our side and, while not as exciting with its punch, is always a dependable choice.

Just dip it in some curry sauce or some of that garlic chilli and it’ll almost taste like the Spicy McNuggets.

Don’t be sad that it’s over, be happy that it happened. One day we’ll meet again, my dear Spicy McNuggets — see you at McDonald’s soon.

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