Nine Fresh’s new S$3 mango ai-yu dessert is perfect for the warm weather

by Vera

Nine Fresh, directly translated from the traditional Taiwanese dessert, 九鲜, boasts the familiar confection right here in Singapore. As far as I’m concerned, few have said no to the generally inoffensive dessert that’s proven both refreshing and affordable with a good sense of variety.

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Nine Fresh has long kept their menu, well, fresh with seasonal specials that continue to keep us on our toes. Following the likes of their Matcha beancurd and Honey Popping Lime Ai-Yu, the chain is now bringing us an all-new base flavour — Mango Ai-Yu.

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I’m personally making a beeline for the Mango Ai-Yu Set A (S$3, U.P. S$3.80) which comes with nata de coco, black pearls, and taro balls. Mango Ai-Yu Set B (S$3, U.P. S$3.80), however, presents a more thirst-quenching combination of kantan jelly, passionfruit pearl jelly, and taro balls.

Photo: @NineFreshDesserts/facebook

If you’ve made it this far and are thinking, this would make the perfect bbt topping, you can take comfort in knowing that Nine Fresh thinks so too. The ai-yu base can be added onto any beverage in their Freshly Brewed Tea series which includes the Red Tea (S$2.10), Jasmine Green Tea (S$2.10), Jasmine Oolong Tea (S$2.10), Earl Grey Tea (S$2.10), Milk Tea (S$2.50), and Earl Grey Milk Tea (S$2.50).

The Mango Ai-Yu is available at all Nine Fresh outlets from now until 31 October 2021.

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