Nine Fresh brings back popular Matcha flavoured beancurd at only S$3

by Evan Mua
nine fresh matcha-licious beancurd

We know how matcha Singaporeans love Nine Fresh, it’s hard to not notice the endlessly long queues whenever we walk past. Their refreshing and delectable desserts as just the perfect remedy for the blazing hot weather in Singapore.

Out of all their desserts though, one of the most popular specials must be their matcha-flavoured beancurd — soft and silky with a fragrant dose of tea notes.

If you’re a matcha lover, then you’re in luck because Nine Fresh had just brought back their Matcha-licious Beancurd desserts earlier this month! Not only that but it’s available at all outlets for just S$3 instead of the usual S$3.80 until 15 August 2021.

Photo: Nine Fresh Singapore

Definitely a great way to treat yoself if you’re looking for some sweet indulgence to chase away the lockdown blues.

Nine Fresh’s selection of Matcha-licious Beancurd desserts come in three styles. Each set comes with its signature Ai-Yu Jelly along with their own array of scrumptious ingredients.

For an enjoyable mix of textures, Matcha-licious A (S$3) tops the matcha beancurd with Black Pearl, Konjac Jelly and Mini Taro Q.

nine fresh matcha-licious beancurd

But if you’re a fan of their addictively chewy Taro Balls, then the Matcha-licious B (S$3) might be your jam. Besides the full-sized taro balls, a duo of Passionfruit and Mango Jelly also add a fruity jolt.

Or if you’re leaning towards something less fruity, the Matcha-licious C (S$3) features the Taro Balls alongside Black Pearl and a more savoury combo of Red Bean and Mini Yam.

nine fresh matcha-licious beancurd
Photo: Nine Fresh Singapore

So if the hot weather is getting to you and you’re craving a cool Matcha-flavoured treat, head down to any of Nine Fresh’s outlets. But if heatiness doesn’t faze you, then you might want to dig into their moreish durian collab with FoodPanda instead.

The Durian Yin-Yang and Durian Special are available for $5.50 per cup, exclusively on FoodPanda until 31 July. Alternatively, you can top-up S$2 to add Durian to any desserts from their Taro Ball Signatures and Mixed Bases Specialties range.

Nine Fresh Matcha-licious Beancurd Promo
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