PizzaMaru has a special pink pizza topped with chicken pepperoni, honey chicken ham, Korean rice cake and strawberry jam available for a limited time only

by Marcus Leong

Remember the viral volcanic pizza from PizzaMaru? Well, the popular Korean pizza and chicken restaurant is back with yet another viral pizza just in time for you to celebrate Christmas with your family. This time around, they’re set on painting the town pink with the PizzaMaru Pinkle Bell Pizza available at all their outlets for a limited time only.

PizzaMaru Pinkle Bell Pizza
Photo by Confirm Good

PizzaMaru Pinkle Bell Pizza (S$34.90) is essentially a pink version of their popular Chicago Pizza, which is best known for having a magnificent cheese pull. If you haven’t already guessed it, yes the pizza is very pink — this might be the cheesiest and pink-est pizza you’ll ever see. 

Our first impressions of this pizza was that it’s probably gonna be a dessert pizza of sorts — especially with a name like pinkle belle. To our surprise, the pizza is actually a mix of savoury and sweet flavours.

It comprises chicken pepperoni, honey chicken ham, Korean rice cake, cookie crumble, dusted with icing sugar and served with strawberry jam on the side. 

Interestingly, the rice cake and the cookie crumble paired really well with the pizza. However, the strawberry jam was super sweet so if you’re not a fan of the sweet and savoury medley of flavours, then we definitely recommend you eating the pizza without the strawberry jam. 

PizzaMaru Pinkle Bell Pizza
Photo by Confirm Good

Much like the Chicago Pizza, the Pinkle Belle Pizza also comprises three different types of cheese, which gives it that glorious cheese pull that is perfect for the gram.

The pink cheese might throw you off at first but don’t worry, it’s just mozzarella cheese infused with dragon fruit puree, so it is totally safe to eat. I usually prefer thin crust pizzas but I really loved the soft and chewy cheese-stuffed thick crust here. 

PizzaMaru Pinkle Bell Pizza

Spice lovers will absolutely love the Hellish Fries (S$9.40). It comprises of thin crispy fries drizzled in a spicy gochujang sauce and dusted with gochugaru (or Korean chilli powder). True to its name, the chilli fries does have a nice spicy-fiery kick to it — perfect for the daredevils. 

Photo by Confirm Good

We also had the Truffle Parmesan Fried Chikin (S$22.40). If you love the strong aroma of truffle, you must order this. The crispy boneless chicken chunks are deep fried to a golden brown and super crunchy.

It comes with a side of truffle tartar sauce which was lightly sweet and very creamy. The parmesan shavings help to add a slight touch of savouriness to the dish too. I’m definitely ordering this again!

PizzaMaru Pinkle Bell Pizza
Photo by Confirm Good

Drinks-wise, we had the Fruit Punch (S$10.90) and the Curacao Soda mocktail (S$10.90). Both drinks came with a generous amount of fresh fruits. The fruit punch was the perfect balance of sweet and tangy, while the curacao soda makes for a nice fizzy drink after a hearty meal. 

Photo by Confirm Good

PizzaMaru Pinkle Belle Pizza is currently available from now until 31 December 2023, so hurry down to any of their three outlets — Bugis+, Jewel, or Plaza Singapura — to try it out! 

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Photos by Marcus Leong

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