Sip on special Jia Jia Liang Teh milk tea & pearls from Playmade this CNY

by Vera

As one of the few bubble tea chains in Singapore known to make flavoured pearls (aside from Hollin, of course, which is my personal Holy Grail of BBT), Playmade has long captured the imagination of boba lovers all over as it continues to push the boundaries of what a cup of milk tea looks like.

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This Lunar New Year season, they’ve collaborated with the iconic Jia Jia Herbal Tea (or Jia Jia Liang Teh) to bring us the Jia Jia Milk Tea (S$4.20 for M, S$5.80 for L) which marries a touch of nostalgia from our childhood with what has become an everyday staple. Crafted with the very same herbal tea is also the Jia Jia Boba (S$1.20 for M, S$1.80 for L) which you can opt to pair with your Jia Jia Milk Tea for the full experience.

The verdict

jia jia milk tea
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As someone who’s always been a non-believer of Playmade, I approached the drink with reservations in tow, but was surprisingly delighted to find a well-balanced beverage with a touch of herbaceous notes. It was reminiscent of Woobbee’s Herbalmint Milk Tea, or Pei Pa Koa Milk Tea, which some might consider an atrocity but stands as a personal favourite for me.

Even with 0% sugar though, I found my beverage still a tad too sweet, so that should do it even if you’re the type to have your milk tea sweetened.

jia jia milk tea
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The pearls — I could talk about the pearls for days, even as someone who’s given up on pearls altogether, granted the sorry state of boba from the current players in the bubble tea market. I don’t ever recall Playmade’s pearls being as firm and chewy as they were in this cup, but then again, it’s been a long departure from the brand altogether for little ol’ me.

At all outlets for a limited period

jia jia milk tea
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This special collab is available at all Playmade outlets, but only for a limited period. And when they say limited, they really do mean limited — the Jia Jia Milk Tea & Boba will end their run by mid-February, so it’s now or never if you’re going to get your hands on them.

Playmade Jia Jia Milk Tea
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????️ Now until mid-Feb 2022

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