Satiate your coconut cravings with Playmade’s new coconut drinks & coconut boba

by Evan Mua
playmade coconut smoothie boba

There can never be enough coconut shake stalls — the refreshing smoothies have slowly been replacing bubble tea as Singapore’s favourite drink and we’re all for it. The rise of coconut shakes in Singapore has spurred many popular boba franchises to try to get in on the game, the latest being Playmade who just launched their coconut drinks series.

Any bubble tea fans who are familiar with the brand will know that Playmade is loved for its unique offerings that include the most exotic flavoured pearls that you can’t find elsewhere.

playmade coconut smoothie
Photo: Playmade by 丸作

Following that trend, Playmade’s new coconut drinks series will be launched together with some chewy Coconut Boba (S$1.10) for those who want an even stronger dose of coconut fragrance in their drinks.

Besides the coconut-flavoured boba, you can also find refreshing drinks such as Coconut Milk Tea (from S$4.80) and Coconut Smoothie (S$4.90) in the new coconut drinks series.

You can find all of these coconut drinks at all Playmade outlets islandwide, except for the Marina Bay Link Mall outlet. The closest alternative to that is at Tiong Bahru Plaza a few MRT stops down.

The most classic item on the menu is obviously the Coconut Smoothie which is a silky blend that uses hand-pulped coconut for better flavour and texture.

playmade coconut boba
Photo: @ziyeats/instagram

But besides that, you can also get more unique bubble-tea-styled selections from Playmade including Coconut Milk Tea, Coconut Tea Smoothie, and Coconut Tea. Just add on some Coconut Boba and you’ve got the perfect drink for this hot weather!

And if you’re not looking for coconut overload then you can even add on some of their special Chrysanthemum or Pink Cactus bobas to see if they can add some extra pizzazz to the coconut shakes.

Since these are seasonal specials, it’s not clear how long these fresh new coconut concoctions will last on Playmade’s menu so head down and get yourself a cup before they are gone.

Playmade Coconut Drinks Series
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???? Available at all Playmade stores except for the Marina Bay Link Mall outlet.

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*Top images from Playmade by 丸作 and @ziyeats/instagram

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